Orange and Teal Nursery

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This nursery is for my son Levi and it was so much fun to plan and decorate this special room for him!

Design Inspiration

My initial inspiration came from a nursery that I saw right here on Project nursery! My favorite part of that nursery was the color theme of teal and orange so I started with the color theme for my nursery. With both my husband and I being veterinarians animals are a large part of our life so going with dog accents seemed fitting. I wanted the colors to be the main theme and the dogs to just be a fun addition so I decided to have all the bedding, curtains, rug, etc. have the orange and teal in bold geometric patterns. I decided to pull in the dog accents as mainly wall art and decorations around the room.

Decorating Style

I wouldn't say I have a decorating style. I like clean designs and bright colors.

Project Details

Orange and teal dresser, teal side table, orange self- bought on Craig's list and re-painted to match my color theme

Crib- Babies R Us

White cube shelf- Target

Orange striped basket- HomeGoods

Rocking Chair- Hand made by my wonderful husband:)

Alphabet wall- most letter bases purchased from Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics and Garden Ridge; they were later decorated and painted to my liking! The letter "a" was purchased on etsy from the simplysawdust store

Dog alphabet print- Purchased on Etsy from nleeman

Dog chevron prints- Purchased on Etsy from Wallfry

Teal lamp- Target

Orange lamp- Lowes

Orange chevron rug- Urban Outfitters

Bedding, curtains, Quilt, Pillows- all hand made by my wonderful mother! She put so much time and effort into making these just how I wanted them and I can't thank her enough!

"Levi dog gone cute" blocks- purchased from Etsy from BusyMamasPlace

Other frames and wall art- most of these items were purchased at Target or Hobby Lobby

Walls painted with paint from Sherwin Williams in "Mineral Deposit"


Favorite Items

My favorite items are the bedding/curtains that my wonderful mother spent so much time on! A close second is my alphabet wall! I poured my heart and soul into making it and love, love, love how it turned out.


My advice is to not conform to what people "think" a nursery should look like. I went with bold, non-tradition colors and loved the outcome. If there are colors or a theme that you are dying to use than go for it!


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