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Ruby in ONEderland

Design Inspiration

I love the whole wonderland/ madhatter tea party theme.  I thought it would be so cute to have an infant tea party complete with tulle wrapped highchairs!

Decorating Style


Project Details

I worked on the centerpieces for this party for almost three months! I enjoyed making the centerpieces and favors so much, that I decided to open an Etsy shop.

The party began with a children's singer who entertained the kids for about 40 minutes and then lunch was served.

All tea sandwiches were in the shapes of teapots, flowers, and tea cups.

Meanwhile, we had a face painter dressed as Alice and also a tea cup painting station.

Ruby had a white rabbit smash cake and everyone else was served cupcakes and cookies in the wonderland theme.

The children all went home with personalized bubble wands made by me, bubbles, and a Disney Alice in Wonderland board book.

Favorite Items

I love making all of the centerpieces.  I'm not sure which one is my favorite but the white rabbit with his pocket watch and the queen of hearts with her card army were big hits!


Start planning early!

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  1. avatar Tafadzwa Nyahunguwo says:

    AMAZING JOB ! Where did you find the plates from?

  2. avatar Tafadzwa Nyahunguwo says:

    You did an AMAZING Job ! Where did you find this plates at ?

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  4. avatar Dora Hudson says:

    Where did you get grass table runner? I love it

  5. avatar Brittany says:

    What your shop name I would to buy some of your center piece!

  6. avatar lacey says:

    Where did you get the plates and cups?

  7. avatar Shana says:

    Hello!! Can you help me find the hot pink polka dot plates with the green trim?

  8. avatar Emma says:

    Hi. Wondering where you got then pink and white stripe bottles with the straws. They are fab.

  9. avatar Brianna Saunders says:

    LOVE love LOVE Would you be interested in selling this lot of items. I am currently planning my daughters 1st birthday party, and want to cut on cost and time due to a hectic schedule. If you would be interested please contact me at

  10. avatar Jamie says:

    Where did u get those cute paper plates and striped cups with funky straws at? I’m in love with this whole setup!!! Thanks!!

  11. avatar John Bond says:

    We’re planning our daughters birthday party. We want something just like this. Hopefully we can provide it for her.
    John Bond |

  12. avatar Rachel says:

    I tried to find you on Etsy. But never could find your centerpieces. I’m planning my daughters first birthday. Are you still making the centerpieces?

  13. avatar Allison says:

    So, I am doing this same theme with my daughter’s 1st birthday. And oddly enough…my name is Allison, I am doing Abby in ONEderland, and also had an “OPEN ME” tag on the invites. lol Anyway, I am doing pops of flowers with my party and want so badly to have a grass table runner like yours. Where did you get it? Did you make it, if so how?

  14. avatar Cristi says:

    Hi Allison,
    Where did you buy the materials to make the grass runner? I have been looking everywhere for something similar in order to put it on my table for easter! Help!!

  15. avatar Melanie says:

    Just wondering if you could please provide the link to where you got the cardboard cutouts from?

  16. avatar Allison says:

    Hi Lisa-
    I can do an “inspiration board” for your daughter’s party. Visit my Etsy shop

    Sorry, I didn’t get back to you sooner. I just saw this.

    Lisa Egan,

  17. avatar Lisa Egan says:

    Please help, I could I turn this into a sweet 16 party? My daughter loves Alice in Wonderland, but I would want it to be whimsical yet elegant? Please any ideas?

    Thank you, Thank You…. This will be the first party since she was 6 so it is a big deal and I want to make it perfect. The spa parties, fashion, pedicure, manicure, masquerade has already been done with her friends. Please help.


  18. avatar melanie says:

    love this theme! sorry, but i think i’m gonna have to steal it!! would love to know how you made or where you bought all the centrepieces and decorations

  19. avatar lori barrish says:

    What a fun and unique job you did. Each detail was a joy.

  20. avatar Julie Barrish says:

    Love the grass placemat/runner with pink flowers and the Silk green roses with the hat on top of all the
    tea cups? What a clever idea… Incredible centerpieces!
    A great concept for a Ladies tea party!

  21. avatar Lili says:

    Even though I am your mother, I think you did an incredible job with all the centerpieces. Each was unique & clever and so much fun. There was a lot of energy in the room because of the decor and fun touches. The colorful lanterns made everyone feel like they were in ONE-.derland.
    Ruby loved her first birthday celebration!!!!!

  22. avatar Kristin says:

    Great job taking a classic theme and giving it a modern twist! Adore the pops of color!

  23. avatar IngridCalloway says:

    I like the bright pops of color! You did a good job with the table centerpiece.

  24. avatar decorsolutionsmel says:

    Wow!!!! What an amazing, creative idea for a party. Everything looks beautiful!!