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Olivia’s Strawberry Shortcake-Themed 1st Birthday


A Strawberry Shortcake-themed picnic birthday party for our little girl's family and friends. Mostly DIY decor in red, pink and green.

Design Inspiration

Olivia loves strawberries so this theme was a perfect fit. I got many ideas on Pinterest.

Decorating Style

A simple blend of contemporary and classic on a budget with some personal and DIY touches wherever possible.

Project Details

A got a PDF of printable party decorations that I used for the banners, cutlery wrappers, water bottle wrappers, stickers on the cups, etc. We got a few balloons (Olivia loves balloons) and Strawberry Shortcake cups and napkins to round out the theme. It was a picnic-style meal with a sandwich buffet, lots of fruit, especially strawberries (with chocolate sauce) and a big jug of lemonade. We had a "pin-the-strawberry-on-the-strawberry-patch" game and a strawberry-shaped pinata for the older kids at the party which was a big hit!

Favorite Items

The gorgrous two-tier cake (the top tier was a chocolate cake with chocolate filling and the bottom tier was a white chocolate cake with a delicious strawberry filling) made by Olivia's auntie was delicious and Olivia enjoyed her smash cake as well.
The pinata also provided great entertainment for the kids and the adults at the party!
The beautiful banners brought everything together. I especially liked the one on her high chair.


Go with your gut and just have fun! Parties are supposed to be fun so the planning should be too. I just regret not asking anyone take great photos of all the decor and set up. I did not have time to capture all the magic of the day as there is so much to do.


Friday 20th of July 2012

It's really amazing to see how Strawberry Shortcake has evolved. The Strawberry now looks very different from the Strawberry I grew up with. But I do love the current one. So stylish and chic!