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Olivia’s Big Girl Room


I am always designing pieces for modern kids’ rooms, so when was time for Raquel and I to decorate Olivia’s modern bedroom, I knew this task would be a fun one. The goal for this space was to design a fresh room that was full of color. We wanted a roomy, comfortable, bright, and more importantly, a room that was Liv’s reflection. And I think we nailed it!

Decorating Style

Modern, Hip, Colorful

Project Details

This is a new space, so we were working with blank walls. Literally blank! Liv told us she wanted her room to be aqua, not pink (YAY!). So we paired aqua with gold and white as the main colors. We painted one wall aqua and added lots of aqua pieces here and there. She also requested to keep her bed from her previous room she shared with her sister Sofia. Keeping the bed was an easy and necessary task. The bed was in fact the only piece of furniture we had for the room when we first started designing the space. The storage piece next to the bed was made by using two shelf units with doors from IKEA placed in an “L” shape and adorned with the gorgeous gold-looking wood on top. The storage doors got some fancy and fun colorful knobs that we made. On the other side of the bed, two nesting tables, also from IKEA, serve the purpose of a night stand. We spray painted the nesting tables’ silver legs with gold and left the top white to flow with the room. We dressed the wall against the bed with the Confetti wall decal from Trendy Peas. With just one set of the Confetti wall decals we were able to cover the entire wall. The bedding from Serena and Lily was the perfect find for the room. It worked so well with the Confetti wall decals and added a lot of visual interest to the room. The room has an odd little nook. But when decorating, if you give that little nook some love, it can go from an odd space to a beautiful focal point in the room. Nooks are great for book selves, desks, or reading spaces. In Liv’s space we opted for a desk in the nook area. The white desk stands out beautifully against the aqua wall. Above the desk we made two shelves with left over wood we had from the storage furniture. We spray painted the shelves’ brackets gold and used them as a décor piece rather then trying to cover the brackets. On the shelves, Olivia’s artwork and pottery find a home. The wall next to the desk area features a gallery wall showcasing the Custom Fox print and the I Love You print from Trendy Peas as well as two prints from Printable Art Posters, one of Olivia’s photo while traveling in Brazil and one of her artworks. We framed the art prints with white and golden frames. And to make the white desk more interesting, we dressed it up with the cute colorful knobs. I really like how all the colors are working together in Olivia’s room. We had one more big wall to work with. And since this girl likes to dress up, a mirror was a must. And I mean, a gold mirror! The big mirror leaning against the wall, also from IKEA, was painted gold to follow the gold and aqua theme. On each side of the mirror we added book selves and let the books take a part in decorating the space. Using books as a decorative element is such a great idea for a kids’ room. It is not only fun and colorful but also very functional. By placing the book shelves right at Olivia’s height, she is able to grab the books as she wishes. The golden mirror is featuring a garland we made out of buttons.

Favorite Items

Trendy Peas Wall Decal
Serena and Lily Bedding


If you are planning on decorating a modern kids room keep these tips in mind:
#1- Try not to make the colors too matchy-matchy. The room should not focus on just one color. Mix it up and you will see that anything that you bring into the room will fit.
#2- Use and abuse clean lines. Think straight lines and not curves when picking your furniture.
#3- Keep it simple while making it functional. Less is more.


Wednesday 9th of July 2014

Can you tell me the name of the bedding? I love it and can't find it on the Serena & Lily website?


Friday 4th of July 2014

Excuse the toys. My question should read: Where did you get the wood top? IKEA? I know they sell kitchen countertops that look similar time this.


Friday 4th of July 2014

Where did you get the wood topper? IKEA? Inkow they have kitchen countertops that Loki similar to this.


Sunday 18th of May 2014

I adore this room! You did such an amazing job! Where did you get the wood topper for the cabinets next to the bed, or did you make it?


Wednesday 30th of April 2014

Hi. Cute room. What are the name of the IKEA cabinets? Thanks.

Raquel Kohler

Thursday 1st of May 2014

It is called Besta. Here is the link for it: