Olivia Art Party

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For my daughter's 2nd birthday we decided to go with her 2 favorite things as a theme: Olivia the Pig and Art!

Design Inspiration

Art and Olivia!

Project Details

Please visit my blog for more how-tos on this party: http://phar-ma.com/ http://phar-ma.com/olivia-art-party http://phar-ma.com/roll-up-chalkboard-mat http://phar-ma.com/olivia-crayon-wreath http://phar-ma.com/olivia-art-party-invitation http://phar-ma.com/candy-pencils

Favorite Items

I really love how the Olivia chocolate covered strawberries turned out :)


Have fun with it and use a lot of COLOR :)


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    I so love that cake with the cute little easel! And the pig lollies are simply adorable! And hey, that crayon wreath is pretty impressive, too. Everything is true to the theme/s!

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    I love it!!! Im a mother of 3, My oldest is 23 year, 18 years and now Manuela 10 months!!!! She loves Olivia but I think I love it more. Your partty was so cute and beautiful thank you for sharing.
    Que fiesta mas linda!!! me gustaron todos los detalles felicitaciones se ve inolvidable.

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