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Oliver’s Whimsical Room




Let me start by saying that it was very hard for me to pick the colors and Bedding for Oliver's room...boys don't have a lot of options!! I even started to love a girls bedding soooo much that I thought, "I will make it work" it has just a little pink ;) Daddy said NO WAY! I am glad he did!!... But if I ever have a little girl I already have everything picked out for her room!! :) I tried to "design" my own bedding on a webpage but after weeks I kept changing my mind until daddy said that if I didn't order the bedding like in the next 24 hrs he was going to do it and pick whatever he wanted!!! (Yes it was that bad my indecision) so thank God I went to and there it was... Oliver's Bedding! I knew that after getting the bedding everything else was going to come together... and it did... we picked the wall and furniture color from the bedding... daddy painted the furniture (not the crib) and I started ordering on etsy pretty much all the decorations!! Everything got done pretty much like 2 weeks ago!!! I kept adding things after Oliver was born and now is finally done and we love it! I hope you will too! Almost forgot! The gray squirrel represents our dog Cronin (his brother from another mother) a Miniature Schnauzer! He loves to chase squirrels and the 2 owls are mommy and daddy... we tell that to Oliver :)




Design Inspiration



I think it was Oliver!! The older he was getting the more I saw that he likes to look around when I am changing his diaper, feeding him etc so I love that I have all this things around him that we can talk about like the birds, the tree, the bird houses the clouds etc
 Also Etsy helped me a lot!!! Since they can customize everything!

Decorating Style

My style is eclectic I like to mix and match and I make it work! Even if it is 100 years old!

Project Details



  1. Furniture: hand me down from daddy's little brother it's about 15 years old and made by Lexington... no longer available, daddy painted it white duck-sherwin williams. 
  2. Crib: Baby Cache Heritage Cherry - Babies R Us 
  3. Light Fixture: Menards
  4. Knobs: Menards  
  5. Wall color: Honeydew-Sherwin Williams 
  6. Zebra Rug:
  7. Shelf: Classic Shelving by Pottery Barn Kids - Espresso 
  8. Glider and Ottoman: Pottery Barn Kids - Fabric C -natural organic cotton basketweave  Comfort Grand Swivel Glider & Ottoman
  9. Planes hanging from ceiling: Balsa Wood Hanging Planes from Pottery Barn Kids - On clearance! they are big we just hang 2 set has 5!
  10. Bedding: Caden Lane-Avery 
  11. Pillow and Throw: Pier one 
  12. Lamp: Vintage 
  13. Tree Decal: Modernwalls 
  14. Clouds Decal: JustTheFrosting  
  15. Bird houses: RachelRaeDesigns  
  16. Numbers above changing table and Oliver's birth stat: - bunchofbees
  17. Prints: Picalabel and Theinksociety
  18. Frames: Kohl's
  19. Curtains: World Market - Aegean Blue


Favorite Items

There are a couple of favorite items... The lamp is vintage it was in grandpa's room when he was little than in daddy's room and now in Oliver’s! We love it! Also the planes... Great grandpa, grandpa and daddy are pilots so the planes in the room are dads and I love the Zebra rug! Also I like that I can wash the covers from the Glider and Ottoman and if I want to change the color I just order at Pottery Barn Kids! Plus is very comfortable. 


Order things with time! it took forever to get the Glider and Ottoman! Grandma got us a "temporary one" because they arrived after Oliver was born :)




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  3. avatar yeyen11 says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Thank you! the frame is from a little store in Door County WI… when I saw it I knew I had to buy it but I have not seen one like it at any other store :( good luck!


  4. avatar Andrea Jara says:

    First off, I absolutely love this room. I wanted to know where you got the frame with the block letters of his name. Thank you.

  5. avatar yeyen11 says:


    Happy that I could help! I don’t think I have seen that bedding here yet :) you can even do a zebra rug just black! I love love the colors!!! keep me posted! looking forward to see your nursery!


  6. avatar yeyen11 says:

    Hi Sejal,

    I did love a girls bedding so much that I really tried to see if I could use it for Oliver’s room! like you it took me a long time to find the right “theme” for his room!
    check out the link below.. I LOVE the bedding and the room in the picture is adorable too! if you like it I think you can do a lot with the colors… hope you like it! let me know! good luck!


  7. avatar Sejal says:


    I have been searching for a nursery I LOVE for 3 weeks and can’t find anything until I saw yours!

    Only problem is I’m having a girl:). Do you have any pictures r links of your dream girls room. I read you aready know what you wan to do if you have a girl.

    Thank you!

  8. avatar yeyen11 says:


    Hi Kim!!

    Thank you! Thank you! ;)
    Wall color: Honeydew-Sherwin Williams and the color of the leaves are sky blue and white!

    Good luck!


  9. avatar Kim says:

    Hey!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your nursery. What color did you paint the walls? And what colors did you select for the leaves of the tree decal? Thanks SO much!


  10. avatar Melissa says:


    Wonderful! I will get them ordered, thanks again! I’m due 3/30….it’s flying by!!! :)

    Talk to you soon!

  11. avatar yeyen11 says:

    Hi Melissa!

    I am so glad to hear that you are almost done! can’t wait to see the pictures! is your little one arriving soon??!! how exciting, I am sure your nursery looks beautiful.

    Yes the clouds come separate, they are from Etsy too, they come in different sizes and colors I got blue and white… also the were they most inexpensive at the time ;)
    Clouds Decal: JustTheFrosting

    Talk to you soon!


  12. avatar Melissa says:

    Hello Eden!

    My nursery is coming along!!!! It’s so exciting to see it finally come together. I’ve changed a few things from yours, but all-in-all it’s almost a duplicate of yours. I’m getting ready to order my tree from Etsy and was wondering…and maybe you have already told me, but did you order the clouds seperate? If so, where did you get them?

    I’ll send photos soon!!

    Thanks again!

  13. avatar yeyen11 says:

    Hi Roberta,

    Thank you! The zebra rug is cream and brown, I got it at overstock. com you can find it on the link below:

    Good luck!


  14. avatar Roberta says:

    From my computer, I can’t see the view of the changing table…will you please send a picture? Thank you!!!

  15. avatar Roberta says:

    I loooove your nursery! So creative and the colors are beautiful!
    How big is the zebra rug, what is the style, and is it white and black or white and brown?

    Thank you!

  16. avatar yeyen11 says:

    I am so glad you licked them! :) share some pictures! :)


  17. avatar Brynn says:

    Hi Eden,

    Thank you so much! I went to Pier 1 today and picked up the teal curtains and they look awesome! I appreciate all your help :)


  18. avatar yeyen11 says:


    Hi Brynn,

    It was so hard to find the perfect color curtains!! (got like 2 different ones that didn’t work) and I love the world market ones! :( … sorry to hear you can’t get them anymore… I got the teal throw at Pier 1 and it really goes well with the curtains from world market, and I just checked online at Pier 1 and they have the teal curtains! I am pretty sure they will match! link below! :)
    Hope you like them!

    Good luck!


  19. avatar Brynn says:


    I LOVE Oliver’s nursery! I would love to duplicate this look :) I am having trouble finding curtains in the right shade of blue that blends with the other colors in the bedroom. Do you have any suggestions? World Market is sold out of the Aegean Blue :(

    Thank you!

  20. avatar Melissa says:

    I totally agree with you, not liking that closet much :) I think we are going to do an organizer somewhat like The Container Store has on their websites for kids rooms. I will keep you posted on that and show pictures once I decide.

    Thanks for the great advice on the hanging numbers! I never thought about babies little hands!!

  21. avatar yeyen11 says:


    Hi Melissa,

    I found it… and I thought it was better! :( but now I don’t like it that much… well I like the accent wall and the mobile… I was going to tell you that the numbers that I have hanging above the changing table… Oliver can grab them now! so maybe you can hang a mirror? I didn’t do that because I have the closet doors… or maybe just hang them higher! if you are getting them too! they are super cute and I got them in Spanish because I speak Spanish too and we want Oliver to be bilingual.. so if you go for them just an FYI!

  22. avatar Melissa says:

    I can’t wait to see the picture of the closet!! Thanks for looking for it!

  23. avatar yeyen11 says:


    Hi Neha,

    I got the giraffe from MommyBusy at it’s supper cute and you can get any color you want. Link below :)

  24. avatar yeyen11 says:



    I think it would be a good idea to do the curtains instead of keeping the closet doors!! you can make it a really cute area… I remember a nursery here at PN with a very nice cool closet area, they had the changing table there and something else… let me look for it and I will give you the link for you to look at…
    I like the one from the blog but let me show you one more :)
    Yes I also like the color of the crib as it is :) so no painting it!

  25. avatar Neha says:

    I was wondering where you got the cute little giraffe that is in the crib?


  26. avatar Melissa says:

    I purchased the same crib as you and I love it so much that I don’t want to paint it. What are your thoughts on this?…
    Scroll down until you see “Room for Two” April 30, 2010 entry.
    I kind of love this. I love the red accent on the curtains or I could do a completely different curtain. I was thinking I could add space by having an open-closet concept. I could hang the curtain higher that the trim and have the trip completely covered witht he curtains so that you couldn’t see the maple.



  27. avatar yeyen11 says:


    Hi Melissa,

    Yes I don’t think the owl rug would work, I think a red one will work good! but do try to make your hubby like it! :) I think is good dads get involved in the project! at the beginning I really wanted a gray or dark blue nursery but daddy said NO! and I am glad I didn’t because than I realized that I was making his nursery just an extension of the rest of the home and decorating style… I love going to Oliver’s room and feel I am in this fun whimsical room… just love love it… (and I got a dark blue powder room instead) :)

    The trim work and the closet doors… yes I don’t think the 3 different colors of wood will work… are you buying all furniture? if not you have options to paint the crib a different color!! what about the blue or the turquoise from the bedding? that would be fun! If you remove the closet doors you can really dress up that space maybe some wall paper like a neutral beige but with texture? and you can add shelves and baskets etc but if not just go with different color crib!

    Lighting… if you are getting a glider that will not work to have one behind it… you do need to have it next to the chair though you will need light to feed that baby in the middle of the night! plus to read him books… so maybe just don’t get the squirrel! by the way I ordered that separate from tree decal and it was like 30 bucks! FYI..

    Yes I do keep his diapers and wipes in the second drawer I don’t like to have the diapers out to see! it works for us!!! on the first drawer I have all his lotions and stuff.

    Also on the night stand in the first drawer I have all the books we are reading to Oliver right now and on the second one I keep all his feeding stuff that I might need in the middle of the night so I don’t have to go all the way to the kitchen! his room is in the second floor.

    I got his pillow before he was born and it was on sale :( Pier one has a lot of pretty ones! also world market! I do have that pillow for decoration the one that I really use is the big red one that I got at TJ-Maxx like 2 years ago… my glider is pretty deep so I need a pillow… I would look for one with the color of the curtains and some reds, blues… something fun! I am sure you can find one at Pier 1!

    I will keep my eyes open for you and let you know :)!

  28. avatar Melissa says:

    I have to tell you, the more I stare at your photo the more I really am falling in love with he zebra! I just may have to bend my husbands arm a little :) I will try red though, just to see. Thanks for that suggestion! I found a cute owl rug at Pier1 over the weekend, but I think it will be too much. I don’t really want a “theme” and I’m afraid it will turn into an owl nursery if I do that.

    I’m completely with you on the trim work. We own, but my husband said NO to painting it. :( He just wants it to stay consistent with the rest of the home, but I would paint them white in a heartbeat and also add white crown molding…it would look so amazing! I’m struggling now with my closet doors. Mine are maple bi-fold doors and I just hate the thought of this nice dark crib and white furniture with then this enormous amount of maple to the right of the room. I’ve contemplated removing the doors and just making the closet a part of the room. Maybe with those cube storage squares for the baby’s toys in nice wicker baskets with color coordinating inserts, but again, my husband isn’t too fond of the idea. I thought I could hang curtains to box the area in. I told him I would search the internet for a picture of the idea in my head. I’m not even sure if it would look right, but it would solve my maple door issue.

    I’m also struggling with lighting. My nursery will be arranged exactly as you see yours because our rooms are almost identical. Instead of just windows in my room, my windows kick out a bit because there is a window seat there. So I can’t put the nightstand to the left of the chair like yours. So I’m trying to figure out how to get a small amount of lighting by the chair without covering up the cute little squirrel on the right of the chair. I was thinking to put one behind the chair, but I’m afraid it will be too much light shining down on the baby. I think I’m just going to have to put the room together first and see what to do. Any suggestions would be great from you on this!

    Let me also ask you about the changing table. Do you have the supplies for diaper changes in the drawers underneath? I wasn’t sure if it is too much trouble to not have them at arms length sitting someplace easy to get to…..thoughts?

    And lastly, I’m so bummed. I went to Pier1 to purchase the beautiful throw pillow in your picture (the multicolored one) and they don’t have them anymore. :( I checked their website just thinking that my store didn’t care them and they don’t have them either. So I’m going to search for something else. Did you have different options that you were thinking about that you would like to share? I’ve seen some beautiful ones at both Pier1 and World Market, but making the decision is hard when I have your picture in my head and it’s perfect!! :)

    Okay, I think that is enough for today. Thanks for all the advice, I love this!


  29. avatar yeyen11 says:


    Melissa! let me tell you about the rugs! we were not even sure if we wanted to have one! you know.. carpet over carpet… but the rug did pull everything together… the zebra rug wasn’t my first option either… I got a turquoise one from target and it didn’t work, I got to small circular ones from red and blue and they didn’t work… sooo I got the zebra one for my bedroom but I tried it on Oliver’s room just to see… and we loved it!!!! but otherwise a red square one would probably look good :)

    About the trim… we rent so I didn’t want to paint the trim but otherwise I would have painted it an off white color, like the furniture and glider… also I would have added crown molding and got nice closet doors :(

    The armoire does take a lot of space I wish the room was bigger to add some book shelves (land of the nod has really cute ones) and also baskets for his stuffed animals.. I don’t love them on top of the armoire but they are gifts from family so I want Oliver to see them :)

    You still have time but not much! your last month you should be doing nothing! just sleeping and resting! trust me you will need it! Again good look and looking forward to see your nursery in the future!! take care!!! :)

  30. avatar Melissa says:


    Thanks so much Eden! I will definitely share my pictures with you….although you will probably laugh because our rooms are almost identical in size, the same maple trim, closet placement….and now all the things I’m taking from your decor ideas! :) I’ll be anxious to see what you think! I did find a different chair with a soft chenille fabric, so we will see how it turns out. I can’t find white, so I’m going with ivory. And my husband won’t quite let me do the zebra rug yet… I’m still deciding on a rug choice. I’m due 3/30, so I would expect you should see pictures by Feb…hopefully sooner!

    Talk to you soon!

  31. avatar yeyen11 says:


    Hi Melissa!

    You have no idea how happy makes me hear that my nursery inspired you! :) there are so many options out there so I am very very flattered! ;)

    On the bumper I did turn it towards the strip side because you can’t see the other side, plus it was too much green against the wall… and I think looks pretty good! if you are getting the same crib you can do the same thing since it has to be against a wall.

    The room is pretty small but I have an armoire next to the changing table, and the other wall close to crib has the closet doors which are mirrors.

    See the pictures I added for you to see :)

    I am beyond excited for you! please share the final project!!! I would really love love to see your nursery!! good luck!! the only thing that took forever to get was the glider and ottoman so order with time! and you know I think a different color ottoman would actually look cool too…. maybe different material? just an idea!

    Good luck and let me know if you need more info.


  32. avatar Melissa says:

    One other quick thing, I see you purchased Caden Lane Avery, when I look at the pictures of it to purchase, it doesn’t show the stripe on the back part of the bumper facing towards the front….it shows green. Did you just turn it towards the strip side?


  33. avatar Melissa says:

    I have been searching for inspiration all over the entire internet to find the PERFECT nursery and because of you I have found it!!!! I’m over the moon excited and my husband loves it just as much!…bonus!! So we have decided to just duplicate what you have done. Thank you SO very much for the details that you provided!! I cannot wait to get started!!! I would love to see the full wall of the changing table area if you wouldn’t mind sending!

    Thanks again!

  34. avatar Eden says:


    Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for your nice comments :)

    The ugly dolls I got at a store in Door County, WI… but you can go online than go to stores and enter your zip code and they will find a store close to you! so you don’t order online and pay shipping ;) link below

    The birds I got on from wallstaledecor, super cute and only $11 !!! with shipping!! just takes longer to get because they ship from Turkey I believe.

    aawww we ended up using the other planes in a room that Grandma set up for Oliver in her home! otherwise I would have giving them to you!! :(

    Good luck with your nursery!! please share pictures.



  35. avatar Jennifer says:


  36. avatar yeyen11 says:

    Thank you Jessica! Good luck with your nursery I am sure it will be beautiful too :)

  37. avatar Jessica says:


    Thank you so much! Your nursery is BEAUTIFUL!

  38. avatar yeyen11 says:

    Hi Jessica,

    The rug is the Handmade Alexa Animal Pattern Brown/ Ivory Zebra Wool Rug (4′ x 6′) they have it in different sizes!! I wasn’t sure about the zebra rug but once I got it I loved it!!

    Good luck! and share pictures :)

  39. avatar Jessica says:

    I love the Zebra rug and am considering one for my nursery. Can you tell me which one it was from Overstock? Thank you!!

  40. avatar yeyen11 says:


    Hi Nicole,

    I got them on, the owls came with the tree decal – modernwalls and the bird houses are from RachaelRaeDesigns.

    Good Luck!

  41. avatar nicole says:

    where would i get the owl tree and birdhouse on the wall?i really love it

  42. avatar Ysczabel says:

    I love the fun and bright colors you used. I also adore those cute little bird’s nests on the tree on the wall. It gives it a three-dimensional element.

  43. avatar yeyen11 says:

    Michelle Polanco,
    You are so sweet Michelle! Thank you!!

  44. avatar Michelle Polanco says:

    I love it!!!!!! You should come over and do my kids rooms!