Olin’s Elephant Circus

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Design Inspiration

I always loved the circus growing up, and elephants are my favorite animal. I found some vintage circus poster prints and had them framed for the nursery and the elephants theme took off from there!

Project Details

The furniture was the second thing we picked out, from Babies R Us. It's a cherry finish, and we went with mahogany laminate flooring from Lowe's. We purchased the rug from Walmart.com. The rocking chair and the drum lamp are hand-me-downs from my husband's nursery! The bedding was all handmade by my mother, and the existing book shelf was repainted to match the room.

Favorite Items

The elephant quilt made by my mother is my favorite thing in the entire room.


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    I love the color!!! It’s captivating.  I like elephants too, but I’ve never really thought they’d make a great theme for a nursery.  You showed me that I’m wrong :)

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    I do think that elephant themes are very big right now :)  And I’ve seen some noteworthy elephant-themed designs here on PN.  But so far, yours is the best.

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    Thanks for all the great feedback! The mobile is the Mod Elephant Musical Mobile, and I ordered it from Baby Super Mall website.

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    Hi AshleyKim:  I think that we should be the ones thanking you for sharing this beautiful room!

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