Oh TWOdles! Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

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My daughter LOVES Minnie Mouse, so what better theme to pick than Minnie Mouse for her 2nd birthday party. “Oh toodles” is a main line from The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we used the line “Oh TWOdles” because my daughter was turning two. Since my daughter’s name is Brinley and we call her Brinny most of the time, we used “Brinny Mouse” instead of Minnie Mouse. Everything seems to line up to the theme of Minnie Mouse. We used light pink and sparkly gold for the colors.

I’m a crafter at heart so I made most of the decor for the party. My silhouette cutting machine is my best friend while making party decor. I made the invites and all the signs used for the party. I also made the Minnie Mouse centerpieces (saw them on Pinterest and had to make them!!! lol). Brinny’s Bow-tique was the title for party favor table, there were Mickey Mouse ears with an option of adding a light pink bow to make them Minnie Mouse ears since we had both boys and girls at the party. The girls also got a pearl necklace that had a light pink bow hanging on it. The party was held at the end of November so we had all the kids (and adults) make Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornaments to hang on their Christmas trees at home. I also sew for fun and made my daughter’s Minnie Mouse outfit to match the party! So much for a simple birthday party...


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    I love this !!! I am planning my daughter Ava’s first birthday party and I will definitely be using this as inspiration ! 💕 Where did you find the faux flowers ?

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