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Oakley’s bedroom!


We wanted an "all boy" room that could grow with him instead of him outgrowing it quickly.  The rocking chair really doesn't go with the color scheme, but it was a gift from a friend that truly meant a lot to us!  

Design Inspiration

We saw a nursery on here that was a bit darker, but had the same concept we were looking for in a baby's room.  We just brightened it up. 

Favorite Items

Lamp from Target. Dresser from ikea(natural painted grey). 


Take your time!  We're still not done with his room, but it's fun to add new touches to it each month!  

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  1. avatar Bhen10 says:

    Thank you everyone! The chair has definitely grown to be a part of the room from all the midnight rockings and story tellings…I’m beginning to love it! ;)

  2. avatar hawahawa says:

    I love that chair too, even if you say that it does not go with the scheme. For me it belongs there. If you really want to make it go well with the rest of the room why not add cushions?

  3. avatar IngridCalloway says:

    I love this room. Some might think that the walls might be too busy, but it works for me. Argyle walls are one of my biggest faves and you did it really well.

  4. avatar Bhen10 says:

    Thank you! Yes, it took a lot of time, that’s for sure! The worst part was when we peeled the tape separating the diamonds, the paint peeled off! We had to go back a redo it! :( Luckily, my husband was patient and determined! ;) Actually, the dresser was one I had growing up that my dad painted when I was just happened to match perfectly!

  5. avatar Ann says:

    Love the argyle wall. I know how much effort is involved in doing this. It looks wonderful What color gray did you use on the dresser.