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Nursery of Joy


Our nursery is created for either gender baby since we're adopting...The unknown motivated the color choice and it also works with the rest of the home decor to make it easier for future changes.

Design Inspiration

Adopting a baby so excited....

Decorating Style

Traditional with touch of modern

Project Details

Summer Yellow Paint, Europa Crib, Grandma's Antique Rocker, Jumpin For Joy Kenneth Brown

Favorite Items

Bedding and Tree Accent


Monday 11th of October 2010

I love this room.  That painted tree is just lovely, did you do that yourself? I so adore the colors you have here.  I think I'd vote you for the best gender neutral nursery award if there was one.


Sunday 10th of October 2010

Aww.. that little baby is going to be so lucky! I like the room's simplicity. The tree looks wonderful, too.


Thursday 30th of September 2010

Hi.  Good luck on your adoption!  This is a great gender neutral room, particularly that fabulous rocking chair :)