Colorful Nursery

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Our goal was to create a sweet space for our baby girl who joined us in early March 2012. The challenge was to create this space out of a large living area in our one-bedroom condo. We used Ikea bookshelves to act as a wall.

Design Inspiration


Decorating Style

I like modern, clean design, but I also love color.

Project Details

The space is really small, so making sure every item was necessary -- either to enhance the look of the space or for its practical use, preferably both -- was critical to our design.

Favorite Items

Probably the glider because it took us the longest to decide upon. We bought it from a local furniture store, but it's made by Younger in North Carolina. I love the fabric and its slim, modern design. It's also truly comfortable and a piece I hope to have for years and years to come.


The key for us was to figure out how to fit a nursery into a living room without looking like a baby had taken over our entire space. We think we did that, but it took time and experimentation with how to orient the space. Originally, we thought we wanted the largest size of the Expedit bookshelf, but we ultimately decided on one a little smaller. Similarly, we thought we were going to have the nursery space perpendicular to where it is now. We just had to be open to change and sit with our ideas and sketches for days before we found what really worked for us.


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    Nice room. I love the mobile, but I am not really sure what I think about the sheep elements being incorporated into the fun colors of the room. I have always found sheep perfect for black-and-white themed rooms, or anything similar.

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