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Nursery for Baby S


This is my daughter's nursery. This is the first nursery I have decorated. The lighting in the pictures is not perfect, but will do!

Design Inspiration

I LOVED the style of Serena and Lily, but could not afford the high price tag.  I was very intrigued by the pink (Punch) in the Lola Collection.  I ordered the paint and it was the perfect fit for our little girl's nursery (it also helps that pink is my favorite color).  I then went to my local Joann Fabric's for some fabric hunting and the rest all came together from that point on.

Decorating Style

I like a timeless look that is traditional, but yet fits the year it was designed.  I also try to maintain a reasonable budget.  In addition, I wanted to use decor from my husband and my childhood.

Project Details

Wall Color- Serena and Lily- Punch ( $40

Bedding- Joann Fabrics.  All made by my amazing mom.  We found all the fabric at Joann Fabric's.  It happened to match the wall color perfectly.  She sewed two crib bumpers (one side with flower print and other side with pink.  The other one is all white with pink accents.).  She also made two crib skirts (the one shown in the picture and one with the flower pattern).  Also a quilt and a playmat.  $115

Wall Decor- Urban Outfitters- Set of 25 Wallflower Wall Decor $40

Rocker- This was a $55 Craigslist find.  I reupholstered the chair to white (yes, it was a daring color).  Total spent with fabric $95

Shelves- These were brown previously, so my loving husband painted them white.  These wood shelves were about to be sent to Goodwill before we rescued them.  Free

Dresser- This was a 1920's dresser I found on Craiglist.  Solid wood.  My husband also painted this white.  I added some new glass hardware on to update the look.  Total spent on hardware and dresser- $65 (dresser) + $30 (hardware) = $95

Chandelier- We live in a 1920's home.  This chandelier was originally in our dining room.  We repurposed and spray painted white for the nursery. Free

Mirror-  Found at a local store in the area for $50

Baskets on the shelves- Target- $80 (for 4)

Rug- I wanted something very soft for her to play on.  West Elm Pebble Rug.  This was my biggest splurge ( $225

Crib- JcPenney.  I found the crib online at Babies R Us.  It was $329.  I search further and found the white crib on closeout on JcPenney and got it for $135 (used a 25% coupon code).  $135 (crib) + $90 (mattress)= $225

Sheets- Serena and Lily- After using a coupon I purchased from CasaSugar- About $17 per sheet (purchased 4)= $68

Wood blinds- 2" Wood Blinds Economy- $110.

Picture Frames- Pottery Barn and clearance frames at Macy's- $45

Favorite Items

I love the vintage dresser.  It is timeless dresser that she will be able to use for years.  It is made of solid wood.  The crystal handles adds great flair!


Look around your own house and see what you can reuse.  Don't be afraid to check out Craigslist for some great bargains.


Wednesday 27th of July 2011

gorgeous. I love the room its so nice. I also love how you went searching and searching for budget in the process of doing that right now and my husband is hestitant for me to buy a dresser from craigslist and repaint it etc...but i think its just harder for men sometimes  to envision the end product! I think it will be successful if I find the right piece :)


Tuesday 19th of July 2011

I love your bumper!!  its so great :D  Super girly and pretty!

ana {bluebirdkisses}


Tuesday 19th of July 2011

i looove this! the color is so pretty!



Sunday 17th of July 2011

Wow! First of all, your little girl's nursery is gorgeous.   I really appreciate your advice and your philosophy.  We must be on the same wavelength as far as how to find great bargains.  I just got an upholstered rocker on CL and looking here for ideas on how to recover it.  I got an antique dresser at Salvation Army, and I have repurposed a small antique chair from the dining room as an accent piece.

my nursery progress