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This is the room we turned into our first daughter's nursery.

Design Inspiration

I wanted to create a calm and timeless nursery for her using a combination of old, new and handmade decor.

Decorating Style

My husband and I are both fairly traditional in our design choices.

Favorite Items

Everything in there!

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  1. avatar sarahanna says:


    Yes, it was a dress I wore as a baby. It was too fragile for her to wear so I thought this was the best way to preserve it.

  2. avatar Ysczabel says:

    Pretty nursery. I like that framed dress on the wall. Does it have some sort of sentimental value or is it just there for decorative purposes?

  3. avatar Hollyjwsmall says:

    Very cute! Nice job!

  4. avatar Shea Lavander says:

    I Love your nursery!!!!