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Nora’s Nursery


This whole process was entertaining & definitely filled my pregnant days with a lot of projects to pass the time. I wanted to create a space that was bright/inviting and colorful. Rather than limiting myself to a certain color scheme, I implemented a variety of colors.

Design Inspiration

One of my first projects was the yellow dresser. After I completed that, I let my mind flow from there!

Decorating Style


Project Details

My main goal in creating this little haven for Nora was to  be queen of DIY and be very thrifty. Considering our budget, I had to be creative. Some of my favorite projects.....

-Frames above crib= $5, purchased at local thrift store & spray painted silver

-Dresser= FREE!(given to me by my sister) repainted yellow=$10  and new knobs=$35

-Bedding=$45, fabric found at

-Rocking Chair=FREE! (lovely sister once again) Fabric for cushions=$10 @

-Owl & Girrafe on bookshelf= $5 for fabric

Favorite Items

My favorite item would have to be the dresser/hutch. Brings a lot of color into the room.


You really can create anything on a budget if you are creative and do a little research

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  1. avatar Dani Lamb says:

    refer to the most recent print question reply!

  2. avatar Dani Lamb says:

    Refer to the most recent paint question reply!

  3. avatar Dani Lamb says:

    Yes, I’m replying a year late. Better late than never, right? Sorry! I madeNora’s crib bumper using fabric from Joel Dewberrys meadow line, the flower fabric i am not sure of the designer. Hope this helps a bit

  4. avatar Dani Lamb says:

    So sorry for the late reply, I NEVER check this. I bought the print from an etsy shop found here

  5. avatar Dani Lamb says:

    I’m afraid to say I no longer have the paint can & cant remember! I do know that it was from the Martha Stewart line found at home depot, hope this helps!

  6. avatar Dani Lamb says:

    I found them at hobby lobby!

  7. avatar ern says:

    found your site because i was looking for inspiration for knobs for a dresser i just painted bright yellow. :) where did you get the knobs for your dresser???

  8. avatar Amy says:


    LOVE that color on the dresser! Can you tell me what it is?

  9. avatar Leah says:

    Did anyone figure out the color and brand of paint for the dresser?

  10. avatar says:

    I adore your room!
    I was wondering also how you got the “you are my sunshine” picture. I have a friend expecting soon and she loves the picture. I want to suprise her with one if you don’t mind sharing?

  11. avatar Tiffany says:

    Love, love your room! Where did you get your print of “you are my sunshine”? so Cute!

  12. avatar Caila says:

    Love the room! The yellow dresser is the inspiration behind a similar project for my new baby boy’s room. In fact, can you tell me the brand and color name of the paint you used? Would love to use the same. Thanks!

  13. avatar tara says:

    beautiful! i love the mix of colors and styles…you did a great job!

    where did you get the crib bumper? if from hawthorn…what was the name of the fabric?

    thank you for sharing.

  14. avatar sameriah says:

    Love this room! So adorable and unique. 

  15. avatar ladymack says:

    love everything!

  16. avatar cottonlily says:

    I love it.  I love how you limited yourself to nothing but pulled it altogether anyway.  I hope ours turns out something like this!

  17. avatar lvbarrett says:

    Great Nursery! What color/brand paint did you use for the dresser? Love that yellow!

  18. avatar BuenaMano says:

    I totally love this girl!  Nora surely love this room.  I love the collection of frames above her bed, I love the fabrics you used, I love the splash of colors.  Vintage but not boring or stiff. Great work!!!

  19. avatar baraserry82 says:

    I LOOOVE this room. I’m going to use it as inspiration for my nursery! The only thing I can’t decide on is window treatments..what do yours look like?

  20. avatar lindsaysmama says:

    Simply gorgeous!!

  21. avatar Dani says:

    So glad you enjoy the room!

    Karen-I actually got the rug from Urban Outfitters over a year ago for our family room. Once we were expecting, I made the switch over to her room. Sorry!

    Kahinkle-Nora’s crib is the “darcy” 3 in 1 from pottery barn. Best of luck!


  22. avatar kahinkle says:

    I love this room! beautiful work! May I ask where Nora’s lovely crib is from? Thanks!

  23. avatar Karen Beth Martin says:

    I love this whole room but I’m especially smitten with that fabulous rug!  I’ve looked on Urban Outfitters website and don’t see it.  Could you tell me how long ago you got it?  It would be PERFECT in my hallway!  THANK YOU!

  24. avatar joyfulmom says:

    This is my favorite nursery! If I had a girl, her room would HAVE to have a yellow dresser like this.. It’s my favorite piece in the room! I’m using this room as inspiration for my son’s room! We’re on a budget and I will be doing DIY projects too! 

  25. avatar zj417 says:

    The colors are put together so nicely!  Great job…especially on the budget. :)

  26. avatar art tropezien says:

    love the yellow dresser!

  27. avatar Dani says:

    Hello! Thank you thank you!

    Ken-I got the rug at Urban Outfitters. They have such fun rugs!

    OcMadde-The picture of Nora is actually a water color painting copied from a photograph I took of her!

  28. avatar OCMadde says:

    Looks really cute! How did you make the pink photo of Nora? In photoshop..? Looks amazing and I’d like to make something similar for my 2 girls :)

  29. avatar Ken says:

    Oh my.  I so love how you made all of these come together.  A lot of colors, but it doesn’t look disjointed.  In fact it’s one of the best vintage rooms I’ve seen on PN.  SOOOO love it!  But you have to tell us where you got the rug!

  30. avatar says:

    I really like your creativity in the room. Your little Nora will feel so special in this room.