Noa’s Vintage Modern DYI

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This is my daughter Noa's room. Using vintage items from my own childhood, some modern new finds, and my own craftiness to create art and textiles, we created a bright and sunny space for baby and her parents to enjoy!

Design Inspiration

The CYRK poster that hung on my own nursery wall.  My parents bought it the day I was born!  I used colors from the poster to design a gender neutral, modern update.

Decorating Style

I like a mix of vintage and modern.  I want the room to look like people with great personal style actually live in it, not like a catalog set up for a photo shoot.

Project Details

Many of the items I made myself.  All of the textiles, and most of the art.  Many items are all vintage from my own childhood.  The crib is from DaVinci, the rocking chair is from Inmod, the bookshelves and dresser are Ikea,  As far as art, I made the alphabet and butterflies.  The boy silhouette and Cyrk poster are vintage, and everything else was an etsy find. BlueClara made the amazing "K is for Kitty print" of our own cat on her favorite chair. The little side table is from a thrift sore and painted black, and all the books and most toys are from my own childhood.

Favorite Items

I'll always love the CYRK poster because it was my own, but I think my favorite thing must be the curtains.  They add such a unique touch to the room and a good friend helped me sew them!


Take your time!  Don't just run out and buy everything from a chain store in a single day.  You want the room to look "lived in" and not catalogue.  Use etsy to find some personal art or amazing textiles.


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    I definitely love how you’ve placed items from your own childhood in your daughter’s room.  That is beyond sweet.  I love the very colorful and playful accents you’ve used here, from the storage boxes to the mobile to the posters and of course, the toys.   It certainly balances the serious and severe look of the vintage pieces and the blacks and reds.

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    I enjoyed your pics.  You are right, staged catalog photos are ok but the rooms that actually look used are my favs!

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    I enjoyed your pics.  You are right, staged catalog photos are ok but the rooms that actually look used are my favs!

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