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Noah’s Nursery


this is noahs nursery it took me 2 years to piece it all together,i made it i think neutral enough that it can be for a boy or a girl although some might think its too girly,please note that i know a baby cant sleep with the curtains and fluffy pillows and bedding all that has to be removed for baby to sleep

Design Inspiration

posh tots was my inspiration if that what that means,i looked at thier site and fell in love and wanted a fancy nursery

Decorating Style

i think its vintage antique and posh all in one,my nursery isnt something you can buy like a nursery in a box,this is pieces from everywhere that ive put together

Project Details

the crib i fell in love with because i thought it looks like a hot air balloon,its from corsican its all iron done by hand,and painted in an antique white, i paid 5 thousand for it, i still cant believe that but once i saw it i just had to have it,i added the silk curtains to make it look more like a hot air balloon,the bedding is made by nava i bought it through posh tots its all silk,the large dresser is from a historic hotel in vancouver called the winters hotel,they renovated and sold thier antique furniture from the rooms,its victorian and over 100 years old,it was brown i painted it antique white to match the room,the other dresser is french vintage,the chair is a balloon back grandfathers chair also antique i was going to have it re covered in baby blue velvett but once i painted the frame to match the other furniture i thought it looked great and tied in the beige from the carpet and the top of the wall,the bookshelf is antique and handmade i also painted it to match,i bought antique gold frames and hand painted them in the same antique white and ordered very rare original vintage prints online of babies and put them in the frames,the quilt rack is also corsican i bought it on craigs list,alot in my nursery is from craigs list ,the mirror is craigs list i painted it as well,i went with a vintage toy theme so some of the toys are from when i was little and gives the room a special touch when i am in there,and i added a few reproduction toys too,my mothers old cradle roll is ontop of the french lingeree case dresser they dont make things like that anymore,also my great grandmothers doll,yes shes a bit creepy to others but very special to me and im proud shes lasted all these years,i had a vintage luis vuitton travel makup case so i put some vintage inspired bunny bears etc in there,the chandelier is a james moder not sure if i spelled that right lol,its real swavroski crystal it really shines although its hard to see that in a picture,i chose it because it looks like an upside down hot air ballon so it continues with the shape of the crib brings unity,the plate rail moulding are very special to me because my dad did those as he was dying of cancer he is palliative and could spend only a couple hours a day on it but insisted i not pay someone,it took a long time but they are beutifull,i hand made the quilts on the rack and i hand painted every one of the wood hangers in the closet they are from ikea and there must be 175 of them omg that took a long time!lol,i bought all the baby clothes in baby blue and white to match the room(a little ocd yes) lol but it was so much fun shopping for them,it took me 2 years to get pregnant so i had lots of time,the giraffe i got at a specialty toy shop she is hand made so everyone is a little different(we named her sophie),also i had the french door put in i just love the victorian feel of a french door!

Favorite Items

my favorite item is by far the crib i worked so many extra nights to pay for it that i will probably keep it forever lol


my nursery is a mix of a few expensive pieces and the rest i painted myself,look on craigs list,ebay,antique stores


Wednesday 26th of October 2011

Well, I agree with 12andcounting. This room indeed looks very luxurious. I also agree with you that it lacks something. Maybe some pops of color here and there to break the icy-ness (because of the white and icy blue colors). Just try to break the monotony a bit.


Monday 17th of October 2011

aww thank you! he is my prince lol i dont know if i should add a rug and maybe kids table in the middle with dishes or not,i think its missing something still,it looks way nicer in person but in the pictures it looks a bit boring to me lol or maybe its because all the other nurseries have so much colour they really pop


Sunday 16th of October 2011

I love the vintage feel of your nursery. It's very sweet.


Sunday 16th of October 2011

Looks like a royal nursery to me. The white satiny sheets/bedding and the antique-looking and ornate white frames make the room look like it belongs to a baby prince.