Neutral, Unisex Nursery

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  • Unisex Neutral Nursery Crib Canopy2/7
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  • Unisex Neutral Nursery Pillow6/7
  • Unisex Neutral Nursery Loveys7/7


This room is a neutral colour palate with red accents. Suited to a boy or a girl. I started with a colour palette of white and grey, and as I went on I naturally chose warmer tones. I think its important to go with your gut, and let your room evolve.

Design Inspiration

I wanted to room to be calming and airy. I also needed it to suit either sex, as we were keeping the gender a surprise. My inspiration was drawn from the lightness of the room itself and colours taken from nature.

Decorating Style

Simple, fresh and light.

Project Details

Cot: Stokke



Toy on the chair:


Images on the wall:

Favorite Items

The rocking chair. This was the last piece to arrive and complete the room, and I know this is the place I will be feeding, and Its so comfy it will make late night feeds and settling that much more pleasant!


Start your project early and take your time. Getting the painting completed first will help you get a true feel for the room and guide your decision making from there. Buy things slowly and collect throughout your pregnancy. As you go, your taste may alter - go with it!


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    Love your color palette. I also like the native American references in those artworks on the wall.

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