Neutral Nursery by WINTER*DAISY

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A neutral nursery by WINTER*DAISY! This nursery belongs to the gorgeous and smiley Xavier.

Design Inspiration

I wanted the space to feel airy and bright, with touches of the outdoors throughout - brought in through the use of wood. Somehow the forest animal theme kept evolving as Xavier ADORES animals. The light in this space is lovely and Xavier's room has become a favourite spot in the house for the whole family.

Decorating Style

WINTER*DAISY's nursery design aesthetic is serene, modern and calm.

Project Details

Details of where items were sourced can be found on the blog!

Favorite Items

There are so many! The chair provides cozy and memorable reading time. The mobile is really gorgeous and as soon as Xavier could point, he would look up and ask for it to be turned. The toy bin is a lifesaver for the reality of life with three little kids; you can literally just throw everything in! Of course, the room wouldn't be complete without the beautiful (and amazing quality!) animal prints.


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