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Neapolitan Nursery


This was my first daughter's nursery. Being my first I put most of my budget into the crib and dresser, but didn't go overboard. I fell in love with the bedding before I knew that I was having a girl so I was determined to make it work either way. I ended up adding pink accents to the room in addition to the beige color scheme and came out with what most people would say is a Neapolitan looking nursery. Everyone always wants ice cream as soon as they walk in the room.

Design Inspiration

This nursery all started with the bedding.  I had it picked out before I knew the sex of the baby and added the pink accents to give it a more girlie feel.

Decorating Style

I like rooms to be functional yet elegant.  This room has a clean modern feel to it without looking like it's a showroom and not meant for use.

Project Details

If you can't find exactly what you want don't be afraid to change it.  Paint it a different color, add embelishments or remove excess ones, etc.  

Favorite Items

My favorite item in the room is the ceiling light fixture.  I picked out a modern fixture then added the bead strands to make it look like a chandelier.  


Paint Colors: Olympic Paints

Adobe White / C14-1

Heavy Cream / C14-2

Spiced Vinegar / C14-3

Brittany's Bow / A36-2

For the Circles on the wall I just bought knitting circles and used the inner ring.  I just painted them white and used foam tape to stick them to the wall.  Spray paint will give you a more even look than using a brush.

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  1. avatar nikky322 says:

    Where did you find the corner shelves?

  2. avatar MarielleGrace says:

    this room is absolutely stunning!!!! where did you find the corner shelves?

  3. avatar Shanna Lynn Interiors says:

    Sorry, forgot to tag the light fixture on the picture.  I just added the tag on the first picture with the web address.  It’s from Access Lighting.

  4. avatar mojosmommy says:

    I love the idea of the light fixture turned into a chandelier. Where did you get the light fixture?

  5. avatar mojosmommy says:

    I love the idea of the light fixture turned into a chandelier. Where did you get the light fixture?

  6. avatar Shanna Lynn Interiors says:

    Avalon – Thanks!  I love how the walls came out too.  I did all the taping and my husband did all the painting.  We had to do one color a day.  Took about a week to finish with double coats.


    Jholland – Thanks!  The chair is from Target.  We got it 5 years ago, so I don’t think they see the exact same one, but they sell similar ones.  We used it for both my girls.  Unfortunately we sold all the furniture two years ago so we’re starting from scratch with this pregnancy.

  7. avatar jholland says:

    Very cute room! Love the color choices. Wondering where you got your chair from? Its exactly what im looking for. Thanks for sharing!

  8. avatar avalon says:

    Your crib and dresser are beautiful. I’m sure these can be used by your next babies. Anyway, I like what you did with the wall. You painted them soft colors in checker pattern, and I love how subtle it is.

  9. avatar Shanna Lynn Interiors says:

    Thanks!  The paper lanterns are from The Paper Lantern Store online.  Much less expensive than going to Michaels or Pottery Barn.  With the photo frames I made one with baby pictures of myself, one with baby pictures of my husband, and one with baby pictures of our new addition.

  10. avatar Ysczabel says:

    Great job with the accents. They surely made the whole room look girly and they made up for the non-girly beddings. My fave are the paper lamps and the photo frames with ribbons.