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Nautical Boy Nursery


A nautical themed nursery for Baby Matthew! Check out the full blog post at!

Design Inspiration

When I was first pregnant, I used some sail boat fabric to make some taggie blankets for a craft show and thought it would be so cute to have a nautical themed nursery. Turns out we are having a boy (and live next to the lake!) so we went with the nautical theme for the baby room.

Project Details

We were able to use the furniture from my oldest son's nursery, recover some of his old bedding, and find a great boat shelf from craigslist. The majority of the room is made up with revamped items and only a handful of things (like the mobile) are brand new. It was so fun being creative and thrifty!


Thursday 23rd of September 2010

This is a great room! Very unique and I think that you really did your best here. Thanks for sharing.  I love everything you did here!


Sunday 29th of August 2010

I am simply awestruck by what you did here... I particularly love the canoe shelf.  How did you do that?