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Nathan’s Light & Airy Boho-Modern Nursery


When designing my son’s nursery, I didn’t want to use a “theme” or make it super baby-ish.  I knew I’d be spending a lot of time in here and wanted to make it a space that reflects my style and fits in with the rest of our house.  I tend to gravitate towards mid-century modern/ bohemian style interiors so that is the direction I went with.

We already had the dresser that I had painted navy blue – it was my husband’s as a child, so we thought it would be nice to use that as our son’s dresser/changing table.  I wanted a bold rug since everything else would be relatively neutral.  I found his rug on Rugs USA and knew it would be perfect to make a statement!  Painting his door green was kind of a spur of the moment decision.  I already had the paint from a different project and thought it would be fun to break up all the white!

To help keep my design organized, I created a mood board with photos of everything.  This helped me make sure everything worked together and also stopped me from making impulse purchases (for the most part)!!  I’m always changing little things about his nursery, but I try to stick to an uncluttered and airy vibe.  I love how it turned out and am excited for when the time comes to transition it to a big boy room!