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Natalia’s Room


We wanted a place where Natalia could grow and have fun in!  I think it will easily transition into a big girl's room.

Design Inspiration

My niece gave her the nickname butterfly from the very beginning, before we even knew she was a girl.  So I had to design her room in butterflies and flowers.  I love the colors pink & lime green and found the bedding to match it perfectly.

Decorating Style

Fun & Colorful!

Project Details

Bedding- Taffy Babies R Us, Wall Decor: Pink Flowers-Hobby Lobby, Pink Cardstock Butterflies-Etsy, Furniture: Crib & Dresser-Westwood Stratton-Kids Village, Changing Table-KidsVillage, Bow Holder-DIY, Name Letter-Hobby Lobby(decorated DIY), Rugs-Hobby Lobby,

Favorite Items

My favorite items are the bedding, the bow holder, and the glider!!


Start early and take your time, it will come together in no time.


Tuesday 25th of October 2011

Lovely quilt you have there. About the color combination.... I have always loved pink and green together. I am not sure though if this is the exact shade of green I have liked. Anyway, the room is still nice and the pink flowers give the room such a girly charm to it.


Tuesday 25th of October 2011

Thank you Holly!

Marissa, I went to Wal-mart and bought this white canvas for painting in the crafts dept, you get two for like 8 bucks. I like it because it was light weight and cheap. Then I picked the fabric and ribbon to match her room, look for fabric in the clearance section first. You'll probably need 1.5 yrds, the I first stapled using a (staple guns) the fabric on the front, the board has a wooden trim. Then I cut 5 pieces of ribbon, measure first, I chose 2 differents ribbons, one thick and one skinny. I put a thick, think, thick, think, thick... she has some newborn borns that just fit the thin ribbon. Next, add the hanging ribbon to the top.. and trim off extra fabric & ribbon. With the fabric I had left, I flipped the bow holder over and added the fabric to make the back look finished too... I used gold thumb-tacks like (8) and just nailed them down where it needed it... on the corners and the middle. It's very easy to make and probably cost 15 bucks, you will have enough to make two if you like. Hope this helps!!


Monday 24th of October 2011

I love the bow holder too, how did you do it? My daughter is due the same day and I really want to make one for her. I haven't had much luck finding one that I like to match her room very well.


Monday 24th of October 2011

Love the room. Love her name. Congrats!