Nash’s Vintage Navy Nursery

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I wanted to create a nursery that combined all of the elements I love with unique personal touches. I knew there would be my two favorite prints-chevron and greek key.  My statement piece was the huge 1878 reproduction map of Annapolis, MD, as well as the Naval Academy football programs from the 1920s-1970s.  From there I had a blast finding "vintage" items for storage and decor.  

Design Inspiration

My husband is a Submariner in the US Navy so I knew I wanted a nautical nursery, but I also wanted to design a room that Nash could grow with.  I combined all of my favorite design elements - old maps, antique furniture, different textures, modern graphic prints, but tried to ensure that it wasn't too busy or too "themey".  There are even a few submarine collectables in the room including an old photo of a sub in front of NYC that my husband received as a gift at his last boat, and a hand carved wooden submarine plaque that I bought him as a gift several years ago.  And the little antique can of tennis balls was something I've had for years and I wanted to have a little bit of mom in his room too :-)

Decorating Style

Eclectic. I love Genevieve Gorder, Candice Olsen, & Nate Berkus.  I think they all do such a fabulous job of mixing comfort with glamor, timeless design choices combined with fun modern pops. 

Project Details

Wall Color - Behr's Flint Smoke at Home Depot

Crib - Jenny Lind (amazon)

Rug - Urban Outfitters

Dresser - found at an antique mall in Collierville, TN

Annapolis Map - purchased at an art store in Annapolis, MD. framed at Hobby Lobby

Navy Football Programs - taken from various 2008-2012 Asgard Press Naval Academy Calendars (these are phenomenal and are available for various colleges & come ready to tear and frame 11X14). Frames from Hobby Lobby

Bookcases - Crate & Barrel 

Rocking Chair - Eames Style reproduction found on Amazon 

Greek Key Euro Sham - West Elm

Woven Basket - Target

Diaper Dekor Pail - Amazon

Maxx the Sock Monkey - ToysRus

Nash Hubcap - eBay

NASH letters on bookcase - etsy and the A from Urban Outfitters

Vintage Pool Locker Baskets - etsy

Ford sign, football & baseball statues, propeller clock, metal plane, truck - Hobby Lobby

Ceramic horse statue - Target

Navy Curtains - Target

Globe Pouf - Urban Outfitters

Globe & Side table - World Market

Desk Lamp - Marshalls

Iron Anchor - Homegoods

Favorite Items

The Annapolis Map, Chevron Rug, and Vintage Pool Locker Baskets


Look around your house and pull together items that you love. Several of the items we used were things we had for years. Don't be afraid to mix old and new items together, or even various styles.  Shop around - you don't have to buy everything from one place. Definitely check out other friend's nurseries/decor and other PN projects for inspiration! And if you find a product online that you aren't sure what it would really look like in a room - search PN for nurseries using that keyword, or you can even google it and look at the image results. Before I buy anything for my home online I'll usually try to find images of it in a real home, not just the professional advertisement pics.  

Also, my friends seems to like this advice so I'll share: anytime you want something framed (artwork, photos, posters) check out your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels (or any other store that sells pre-made frames) and buy a pre-made frame that is larger than the item you are framing. Then have a custom mat cut to fit your frame & print (versus having a custom frame made too which is the really expensive part). Usually the framing department staff will even assemble it all for you, and you will save lots of $$!



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    love the nursery. great work. I almost used the urban outfitters in my nursery. it’s fantastic. love the gallery wall and prints as well. woven waste basket is awesome!

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    Thank you so much! The wall paint is Behr and called Flint Smoke. We picked it up at our local Home Depot :-)

  7. 7


    Thank you for all the positive feedback! The Urban Outfitters rug is awesome – my only complaint is that it smells funky! Fortunately I got it months before the little guy’s due date so I’ve been airing it out and spraying it with febreeze :) Such a great price though and all the different colors are so fun!

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    I like the vintage touches, like those vintage toys. My fave, though, are those wooden tree bookends!

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    This is a great room! I love the mix of vintage and new. I also really love that you have chosen a lot of pieces he can keep using as he grows! Nice job!!

  14. 14

    Jeennnnnn it looks WONDERFUL!!! Great job girl, I love this style, it will only be better when I can see it in person! You have been blessed with patience and have waited for just the right pieces for this room, everything came together and looks fun and cohesive! Perfect for baby Nash!

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    This is an adorable nursery! I just have to ask, the vintage Navy photos on the wall are great. My husband is a West Point guy and would love the Army version. Where did you find them!? Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. 18

    This nursery is too cute! Do you remember the seller on Etsy where you got the letters? Thanks!

  19. 19

    Thanks Meg!! The photos are from these great calendars that asgardpress makes! Each month is a different football poster and so you have 12 of them ready to tear out and frame–genius huh?! A really inexpensive wall art option, and I had collected and saved the calendars over the years so I had lots of great ones to choose from. Here is the link for the army calendars they have available. Be sure and click on each year and look through the posters…

  20. 20

    Hey Kasey! I just got your email and responded :-) let me know if you have any more questions!

  21. 21

    SO sorry this took me so long to respond. I didn’t realize that I had any questions….I got the map framed at hobby lobby and I *think* it was about $200. Its actually acrylic, and not glass, so that makes me feel better with it hanging over his crib (which I had to pull away from the wall when he got strong enough to stand up). I also used Hercules hooks to hang it on the wall to make it nice and secure. The map was definitely my splurge in the nursery :)

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