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My Sons VERY Low Budget Bedroom!


I live in subsidized housing, tried my best to make the most his bedroom with what money i could spend and what things i could find!

Design Inspiration

I love animals, and i love animal inspired art of africa and india and tried to find exotic themed, colorful things that were not too baby-ish. I bought him some hang-y elephants and fish and another string of animals but have not yet been able to make some kind of assembly to hang from the ceiling... also i need to paint the last drawer in his dresser! Am still working and between eating working and trying to sleep i have not got around to it

Decorating Style

Low, Low budget, safari, animals, color,

Project Details

Painted the dresser, which was an old one from my moms house, and same with the bookcase.

Favorite Items

My favorite items are the lamp, which i purchased from a fair trade store, and the elephant and giraffe which were handmade in Thailand but i got them from Ross's at a very good price!


Michaels for posters, Ross for baskets and statues, Pier 1, try your best to avoid buying those great/expensive room decorations because alot of times you can find items you will love just as much at a baby thrift store, or a bargain store


Thursday 31st of March 2011

Thanks Melisa and Dandelion!  I hope he gets here soon!


Thursday 31st of March 2011

It's tough times, so you did a great job setting up a non-expensive nursery. Creating a low-budget nursery and keeping ourselves under control amidst our excitement is a very hard thing to do. And what you did clearly shows that practicality is still the way to go. Why spend hundreds of dollars on some things that we will likely just set aside in our storage rooms a few months from the present?


Monday 28th of March 2011

Good luck with the arrival of Adante this week! and thanks for sharing. You can't ever go wrong with an animal/jungle theme.