Munchkin’s Serene Forest

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A traditional concept with a modern twist for our fall pumpkin!

Design Inspiration

Re-painting wasn't an option so I based the entire concept around the sage green walls we already had and the Restoration Hardware bedding set!

Decorating Style

Updated Traditional

Project Details

The room was originally a guest room and now had to be changed to also serve as a nursery! I also wanted to be budget-concious when deciding what to keep/donate/buy. Luckily, I had thought ahead and was happy to keep the sage green walls, the Queen bed, nightstand and bedding.  I first thought of where I wanted the new furniture to be placed, then ordered the crib skirt and wall decals from Etsy. The furniture (the dresser, crib and armoire) are from Munire. I also am anxiously waiting for my PBK glider (in white twill). I found the bookshelves at Ikea- a great find since the ones I were originally eyeing were from Land of Nod and were priced twice as high.  The frames above the bed were also a great price at Ikea- I can't wait until the baby is here so we can fill them with photos! I love the way the room came out and my husband and I somehow keep finding ourselves sitting in the room just dreaming of our munchkin! The color scheme definitely makes me feel relaxed, serene and happy- hope the baby feels the same!

Favorite Items

I LOVE the PBK sherpa chair, it is just so soft and cozy- I know my munchkin will love it!


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    The soft earth colors are indeed serene, and soothing. This is the kind of room that will give anybody, including babies, a restful sleep at nights. I love the simple wall art, the dark brown curtains and furniture, and the frames above the bed. So modern and elegant and stylish!

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    Oh, I just love this shade of green. I didn’t know it’s sage green, but thanks to you, I know now. Anyway, this room is really beautiful in all its simplicity. Looking at it makes me want to curl up in bed and sleep — which is what rooms should be about.

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    Where did you get the template for the trees and birds. I’ve seen it before and I don’t trust myself to paint it freehand.

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