Monsters University Birthday

  • Monsters University Birthday
  • 2/9
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  • 4/9
  • 5/9
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Since my nephew birthday always falls snack dab in the middle of softball and baseball season I feel like we are always rushed for his bday! Monsters Inc is a popular movie at our house and I have always wanted to do this theme. My sis-in-law is always up for whatever. This party was mostly DIY and only cost $100!!


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    My name is Brianna and I am desperate to find a printable version of these flyers. Do you happen to know where I can find or purchase them? Thank you dearly

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    Hi Brianna, It looks like she has a Facebook page for her parties. Maybe try reaching out there if she doesn’t respond. Good luck!

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    Hi Brianna I actually made them myself in word. I purchased some clip art monster inc on Etsy and just made it all up.

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    I have been looking for these flyers everywhere too! I need them for a Monsters Inc day in my classroom on Halloween.

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    Hello, I’m a teacher in Korea. And I’m looking for a Flyer for use my classroom decoration for Halloween.!
    Is there any chance that I have the file of the flyer..? It would be pleasure to have your wonderful work.

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