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Monocromatic White Toddler Room


My daughter's room is a very small nook in the master bedroom. It is 5x7 feet. We had to make it functional, but I really wanted something magical as well, so I tried to find a happy balance between the two.

Design Inspiration

I knew I wanted it to be white and girly.  My daughter's nickname is Pig so the pig theme just kind of happened naturally.

Decorating Style


Project Details

I painted the walls a stark white.  My mom made the bed linens and the curtains from fabrics in various shades of white.  The bed skirt is tulle. The letters hanging above the bed were fushia and black frames that we painted white and distressed the letters.  I added small white flower stickers to give them a bit of whimsy.

The bed:

The mobile:

The sweater pig:

The banner:

The rug is from Target.

Favorite Items

The pig letters above the bed.  They make me smile.


Monocromatic doesn't have to be boring.  And white is not a scary color. :)

I can always be reached through my blog for questions:


Monday 28th of June 2010

Dear WendiNS, This is perfectly lovely!  There are so many subtle shades and tones in this "white" nook.  I love it and I'm sure Audrey does, too. Besides, living in Houston, a white room is refreshing.


Tuesday 22nd of June 2010

I love the look!!  I also love that you made this little space especially for her even though it is part of a larger room.  To me, the look is calming and serene, not harsh in anyway.  If you don't mind, where did you find the frames?  Lucky little girl.


Monday 31st of May 2010

I love it! Great imagination in how you've made white look warm & inviting.


Thursday 20th of May 2010

Martinique - I can promise you she has had no developmental problems due to the lack of "color".  Now maybe if she were kept in her room 24/7 I could see the concern, but obviously that isn't the case. LOL

And those that worry about the mess.  She sleeps and reads books in there...that is about all. LOL


Tuesday 11th of May 2010

I think it was a really brave move for you to make it an all-white nook. I wouldn't be able to make a similar move because I'd constantly worry about the white walls, the white furniture, the white sheets, the white everything. I know toddlers can be really messy. And oh, the shelves with all sort of cute little items? I love them!