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Modern Safari Boy Nursery


This is the second kid's room I've had the pleasure to create, my first being for my daughter.  My daughter is very much into rainbows, ponies and all things sparkly and girly.  So this time around, when I found out I was having a boy, I was excited to make a fun, simple and clean (hopefully it stays that way!) boys room.  I had a limited budget, so I scoured my home for furniture pieces that I could use.  The ikea crib was a hand me down from my sister who didn't need it anymore.  The swivel/rocker chair was taken from my living room (bought originally from Crate and Barrel, I love that it doesn't look like a typical nursery rocker).  For the furniture items I did buy, I chose not to buy any nursery specific items, so that my son could continue to use them in the future.  I added a lot of storage bins to hold all of the baby odds and ends, but they could also be used for pretty much anything!  I also love grays and blues so I chose those colors as my starting point and threw in some black, white and gold accents.  I stayed away from any specific theme, but I do have some fun safari animals thrown in there.  I learned from having my daughter that her tastes evolved and I've added things to her current room to reflect that.  I wanted to be able to do the same for my son, so most of the shelves and picture frames could easily be used for collectibles and prints of whatever he ends up being into as he grows up!

The elephant lamp and woven blue footstool were finds from Homegoods.  The black and white lumbar pillow and felt garlands are from Pottery Barn Kids.  The round bark mirror was a purchase from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago.  Prints are from Lucy Darling, Land of Nod, and Etsy.


Sunday 30th of April 2017

Your colors are great, muted, calming. The thrifty way you gathered items from around your house is smart. Love the clean, minimalistic lines. You are very wise in using items which can stay in his room for years-the storage bins, the chair the rug. You didn't just act impulsively on what you loved, you drew from wisdom gained in parenting your daughter. You won't need to repaint! Nice job on a wonderful room.