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Modern Owl Nursery


We wanted to design a nursery for our soon to arrive little man, but did not want to go the traditional route.  We wanted colors and a design that can grow with him, yet still be relevant for an infant.

Design Inspiration

My sister sent me an image one day of an owl and said "what about putting owls in the nursery?"...from there all of the thoughts came.  I started pulling ideas together from different images and came up with our colors first.

Project Details

For our square wall I used excel to map out a grid and randomly colored out the squares.  A few hours of careful taping and quart size paint in each color and it was done.  Our wall decal came from Etsy and was a good fit to what we were looking for.  I did opt to just buy the sheets separate vs. a bedding package which saved a lot of money.  For the crib skirt I bought matching fabric and used hem tape to hide the cut edges.  I added velcro to the top edge and the metal crib frame.  The whole thing was under $20 and was the only way to find a simple skirt to match the sheet.

Favorite Items

I love the owl pillows!  A woman on Etsy makes them and she worked with me to select the exact fabric and colors that I wanted.

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  1. avatar mmorse says:

    Amy Augustine,

    Hi there,

    The pillows were from:
    b e l l a m i n a – Hand Crafted with Love
    She was great and worked with me to personalize the fabric colors.

    The decal was:
    I went awhile after ordering that I never heard from them. Once I emailed they finally responded, but the instructions were not mailed. I had to you tube how to put up the decal. Beyond that I liked the quality and design.

    Hope that helps!

  2. avatar Amy Augustine says:

    Can you please share the specific Etsy shops you found your decals and pillows at? Thanks!

  3. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    That multi-colored squares wall sure look like a labor of love. I cannot even imagine myself going through the trouble of measuring and then taping and then painting. I admire your patience!

  4. avatar mmorse says:

    It’s called Blue Adventure a part of the Behr Disney collection.

  5. avatar Erin says:

    Love your room!! What color is the blue on the walls?