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Modern Nesting Nursery


This is a nursery created for a modern little girl who doesn't like typical pink baby rooms. The room was created around the Anthropologie rug. We wanted to stick with light blue and all spectrums of yellow. The leafy branch decal really adds character to the room along with all the customized accessories. We had the bird prints, curtains, and canvas all created with her colors in mind. The room turned out just how we imagined and now we are just waiting for our little princess to arrive!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was a theme of Modern Nesting. I loved the idea of birds and trees but all the while keeping it girly. I started with a rug from anthropologie and went from there. The rug is a golden yellow so I went with all spectrums of yellow along with light blue for the color scheme. I am not a "pink" person so I wanted to do something totally different when it came to the color scheme. I then chose a "leafy branch" wall decal to add some spunk to the room in a great deep yellow color. From there, I had curtains customized with the colors from our bedding, rug, and furniture. They are one of my favorite pieces. I also had 4 prints and a canvas customized in our colors too. The prints are of birds and trees and the canvas is a vintage letter press with our daughter's name on it. 

Decorating Style

Modern but vintage. I love clean and simple lines but at the same time I LOVE old pieces with tons of character. I just want my decorating style to be intriguing but make people feel at home.

Project Details

The rug is from Anthropologie. The prints and canvas are from a store on Etsy called Trendy Peas. She does any type of customizations free of charge. The curtains are from a store on Etsy called Appetite Home. Lastly, the wall decal is from a store on Etsy called Surface Inspired. 

Favorite Items

The Rug is number one followed by the curtains, wall decal, and customized prints!


I would just say to start with a signature piece that you cannot live without and then work from there to find other pieces that will compliment it. 

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  1. avatar artsy_eyez says:

    what a vivid orange! wow! love the mural or decal above the crib!

  2. avatar Jacqui18 says:

    Hi, i was just wondering what brand the cot is?? 

  3. avatar whittho1 says:

    I love the room. What color paint did you use?

  4. avatar Amity says:

    I’d have to agree with you hawahawa, i think that touch of green really made a difference in this room.  It adds an oriental feeling to an otherwise really western room.

  5. avatar hawahawa says:

    Definitely one of the best nurseries that I have ever seen.  I like the touch of orange on the rugs and the wall painting.

  6. avatar StarCoveter says:

    LOVE the wall decal, LOVE the curtains… LOVE the alternative color scheme.

    I don’t know the sex of my baby yet, but I am leaning towards a light gray also for the wall colors – something neutral with pops of color!