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Modern Muggle Nursery


So I've been asked a few....dozen....or so times what my nursery theme is. And my answer has been "Modern Muggle." I typically get a confused like followed by the comment "so, you're doing a Harry Potter nursery?" Well....sort of. What I envisioned was something elegant, chic, with touches of Harry Potter but you don't walk into the room and go "OMG Warner Bros!"

I chose to work with softer colors, mixing in photos that I took down at the Wizarding World at Universal Studios along with prints I made featuring quotes and clip art that I found online. I found several on Etsy. The wand, tickets, and map were also found down at Universal. I found that adding touches like bows on keys softened the look.

The frame behind the rocking chair was on clearance over at Michaels. I wired it with some LED lights and pinned the sonogram photos in it. These can be updated with new photos as she gets older. I also found the ottoman at Homegoods along with a huge TimeTurner!

There are 2 wonderful custom items in the nursery that, unfortunately, can't "exactly" be bought. The beautiful Harry Potter themed quilt was inspired by one I found on Pinterest which my husband's aunt made for us. Truly a one of kind piece. The second, as you can see in the last 2 photos, is the nursery ceiling. In the HP series, the Great Hall's ceiling is enchanted to look like the sky outside. So with a little persuasion, I was able to convince my husband to install LED lights that flicker and look like stars. They are even arranged to mimic the constellations present in the sky the night of our wedding! This took some time, but at least you can buy star kits to install for a reasonable price.

I hope our nursery provides inspiration to others!