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Modern Moody Dog Themed Nursery


We are an animal loving family so naturally we chose our love of dogs to build our nursery theme. We found this whimsical wallpaper and build a nursery that fit into the rest of the decor in our house as well. We wanted furniture pieces that could grow with our child and a space we all could enjoy. My husband and I built the modern peg board together which can serve as a display for many different things for years to come... and it's quite secured to the wall :)

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  1. avatar Allison says:

    Where is the wallpaper from? This nursery is so cute!

  2. avatar Karleigh says:

    Thanks, Amy!!!!

  3. avatar Amy says:

    The dresser is from Article, The curtains are a light grey– they’re the threshold room darkening curtains linen blend or something from Target.

  4. avatar Karleigh says:

    I am pretty much copying this for my new baby boy coming in February! Can you help me with a few things?

    1. Where did you get the dresser?
    2. What color are the curtains? I can’t tell from the photo.
    3. Where is the dresser from?

    Absolutely LOVE your design!

  5. avatar Lori says:

    Where is the dresser from?

  6. avatar Amy says:

    It’s called Current Mood by Clare Paint. We love it!

  7. avatar Aria says:

    So fun! What paint color is the green you used? I love it