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Modern Boho Rainbow Room


When I began dreaming up my daughter's big girl room, I had an instinct of what I wanted to do.  But then it occurred to me, it’s her room.  Not mine.  And I asked her what she wanted and it went something like “rainbows, flowers and hearts mommy!”  My vision was rainbows so we can say there was design alignment.  Yahoo!  Zoey is a great client ;)

While rainbows have made a comeback as of late, my vision was less about trend and more about purpose and story.  You see, Zoey is our rainbow baby.  A rainbow baby is a baby you have after formerly having some sort of loss, be it miscarriage, still born or otherwise.  I discovered this years ago when I would read blog after blog of women thanking God for their rainbow babies.  While the tears would flow, I had equal parts joy and pain.  I was thankful to read the stories of successful pregnancies and deliveries and first birthdays and beyond for this precious rainbow babies.  And I was heartbroken wondering if God would do the same for us.

Well, He did!

And while Zoey just turned 5, this rainbow theme just made sense right now (and maybe it is because they are SO on trend!).  We live in Miami where we see rainbows much more than the average person.  It's remarkable.  But for the design, I didn't want it to be literal everywhere.  I wanted a play off of color and rainbows with an actual rainbow somewhere big and bold.

The Pantone prints gallery wall is probably my favorite aspect to the space.  It was SO easy and SO inexpensive (thanks to my local printer, Etsy and IKEA) and yet so unique.  As a designer, I love color so what better source of rainbow inspiration than Pantone?!

And then Crate and Kids released this subtle rainbow bedding that screamed Zoey.  Light pink with some bold textured lines, emulating a sun actually.  I paired the bedding with florals to add some softness and whimsy to the space.

And of course, I added plants.  We love us some plants in our house so that was a must and it continued to play off the nature theme!  I framed one of my favorite pieces of art Zoey made at school as a style feature on her dresser.  I snagged up my favorite Amazon acrylic shelfs to give me functionality for all of her books but displayed in a way that is visually appealing.

I actually had the room designed for months and searched high and low for a wallpaper or mural to cover one of the walls.  This was a design challenge because a) all of the walls have windows so doing wallpaper or a mural can be a bit tricky and b) the color palette or design of the rainbow wall coverings I was finding wasn't in line with my vision. Most were too literal (ahem, ROY G BIV) for my liking.  But then I found the mural and I knew this was the last design element to complete her space.

I could go on and on but I hope you enjoy this modern boho rainbow room!  Designing with a purpose and story is always part of my mission so this room will forever be special to me as Zoey is our miracle baby - now big girl! - from God!

Design by // Ann Ueno Interior Design

Photos by // Jackie Knabben


Brenda kuo

Tuesday 10th of December 2019

So beautiful!