Mod Dot Nursery for Lucas

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Inspired by Skip Hop's Mod Dot bedding, I decorated the room around this fun and bright print.

Design Inspiration

Once we found out we were having a little boy I set out to find the perfect bedding. I came across the Mod Dot bedding and went from there.

Decorating Style

I love modern clean lines with a touch here and there of vintage

Project Details

I DIY'd the polka dot garland over the windows with craft paper and my sewing machine. 

Puppy dog tails print is from AppleBlossomPrint on etsy

The initials are from Urban outfitters, as well as the cross-stitched printed hoops (I actually cross-stiched over the print as a DIY project).

Bedding is Skip Hop

Toy box is from Lowes hardware store

Crib and changing table are BSF Baby Addison Collection

Favorite Items

The garland over the windows were an after thought and boy am I glad I made these! Lucas LOVES to stare at them while happily laying on his changing table. 


Think outside the traditional nursery themes. Nurseries don't have to be Winnie the Pooh themed!


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    Simple and has a really clean look. But not without some interesting stuff here and there (Yes, I have my eyes specifically on those cute Star Wars plushies.)

  2. 2

    I love this room. The idea of the garland is fantastic and it matches so well with the paper lanterns…AND THOSE PUPPY DOG TAILS!!!
    This room design is well put together and fun…Lucas will enjoy growing in such a room….Good job!

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    I can’t seem to find the Apple Blossom Print shop on Etsy. Would you happen to have a link you can post? Thanks a bunch!!

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