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Mod Dot Nursery


Welcome to the Skip Hop Nursery Design Event! This nursery was designed by Tiffani Thiessen and was inspired by Skip Hop’s Complete Sheet, the Mod Dot Collection. For more information on the design event and for details on how you can win prizes daily click here.
- Project Nursery

Design Inspiration

The Mod Dot bedding gives off a fun cheerful vibe, so I wanted to incorporate that with the colors and accessories as well. I also wanted the furniture to be simple but modern without taking away from the bedding and it's colorfulness.

Project Details

Crib: Babyletto Skip Convertible Crib

Changer: Babyletto Skip Changer Dresser

Rocker: Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker

Nightstand: Mid Century Nightstand 

Table Lamp: Light Blue Lamp

Mirrors: Ahoy There Round Mirrors

Bedding: Mod Dot by Skip Hop

Diaper Pail: White Ubbi Diaper Pail

Wall Art: I Think I Can Poster

Molecule Building Set

White Elephant Bank

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  1. avatar Amy Lumley says:

    Love the dots and comfy looking chair

  2. avatar tanya ci says:

    Simple and not fussy; like.

  3. avatar Elizabeth Arsenault says:

    I love the aqua rug and pendant flags

  4. avatar Lisa says:

    Love this combination! Looks adorable

  5. avatar Julie Cirillo says:


  6. avatar Shannon S says:

    I love this room design!

  7. avatar Gail Williams says:

    This room gets my vote for favorite room. I also think it would be good for a little girl! Tiffany Thiessen did a great job with a touch of a retro 50’s vibe.

  8. avatar samyra says:

    I like the diaper pail. nightstand & rocker

  9. avatar Marie says:

    Love this design! I’m going with a minimal theme on my little girl’s nursery, so this fits that idea. Cute!

  10. avatar samantha s says:

    This is a lovely nursery with its simple design. The pop of color in the right places adds charm to this room.

  11. avatar Alisha Johnson says:

    my fav

  12. avatar tcleveland says:

    I like the simplicity. The design elements are not overpowering.

  13. avatar doan b says:

    THese are all just as beautiful as can be

  14. avatar yesi says:

    i love the colors it really stands out

  15. avatar Jeanette L. says:

    Really love how you paired the very square furniture with the circular pattern of the Dots bedding. Just wish you had gone a bit bigger in the wall decorations.

  16. avatar Catherine Wilke says:

    I love this design – simple, uncluttered, practical. Nice work!

  17. avatar katygmorris says:

    The colors are great and I’m in love with the dresser/ changing table!

  18. I think that this setup is so cool & a one of a kind. I especially like it, because it’s multi-sex, and people never use polka dots. And , I Luuuuuuvvv Polka dots!!!!♥♡♥♡♥♡

  19. avatar Karley says:

    I really like this… It looks cute, yet comfortable!

  20. avatar dorothy says:

    great colors and fun!

  21. avatar fightontris says:

    love the fun color accents and choice of babyletto for the project – safe modern and still affordable

  22. avatar wrollend says:

    Love the mellow and whimsical feel. So happy we went with Babyletto

  23. avatar Deborah Albee says:

    So cheerful. Love the rocker and vertical storage.

  24. avatar Karla Gutierrez-Pugh says:

    This is the coolest nursery.

  25. avatar Kyaw says:

    I like this Mob Dot by TIfani Thiessen having all the necessity for a baby incorporated into a colorful room .

  26. avatar Christy Isttc says:

    Love this for a boy! It doesn’t scream “boy” but I love it! The flag banner is perfect.

  27. avatar Tamerica Shelly says:

    I love this one because of the colors they compliment each other very well and not to mention the vibe. It makes me think of a circus

  28. avatar Renee Weinberg says:

    connect the dots is a possibility

  29. avatar Rachel S says:

    I like this one because of the bunting!

  30. avatar lisaburns says:

    every baby room should have a big comfy rocker and bright colors

  31. avatar Karina Lee says:

    i love the simplicity of this nursery

  32. avatar Lauri says:

    Beautiful, bright, fun room. Can you tell me where the rug comes from?

  33. avatar Lindsay says:

    Love the colors.

  34. avatar Joselina says:

    I like this one because its gender neutral, simple and spacious

  35. avatar Barbara Yniguez-Redman says:

    I love the soft yellow walls with the bright pops of accent colors.

  36. avatar Olga says:

    Love this one, so simple and fun! Cute pieces that can be used as baby gets older.

  37. avatar Elise says:

    This nursery would go really well with my airy hot air balloons and kites them for my baby boy to be’s nursery.

  38. avatar cool dad says:

    Another winning combination of furniture from the Million Dollar Baby family of brands – Babyletto and Nurseryworks What an amazing looking nursery.

  39. avatar cool dad says:

    email Nurseryworks and ask them to custom make you one in pink

  40. avatar lidy dill says:

    I love the polka dots!!! And where can I get that rocker in pink?

  41. avatar PN_Sabrina says:

    The mod vibe is so cool! Love those dots!

  42. avatar Rachel says:

    Mod Dot by Tiffani Thiessen is my favorite room because I love the color combinations and the ‘mod’ accents that are just right (not too overkill)!

  43. avatar Nella Atkinson says:

    Lovely and so spacious! I like the way you incorporated colors in little “increments.”