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Minimal Boho Nursery



I had always envisioned a very gender neutral nursery, and our favorite colors are black, white and neutrals. Our entire nursery was inspired by this wallpaper I found on Livettes Wallpaper. I am obsessed. When we found out the gender, we just went from there - trying to keep it super minimal but yet designed very well. My advice for readers would be pick a favorite piece for the room you cannot live without and design it around that.



((If you're sharing this nursery to social media - please tag the CORRECT person, @ciarachanelself -we solely designed this for our baby boy not another account))

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  1. avatar Carolyn says:

    When you put on new handles for this IKEA dresser did you have to repaint the entire dresser afterwards?

  2. avatar Krissie says:

    Where is the changing pad/cover from?!

  3. avatar Kermide says:

    Where are the bookshelves from please?

  4. avatar Christine says:

    Anyone ever get an answer on where the shelves are from?

  5. avatar Jamie says:

    Hi! Where is the clear eyes quote poster and frame from?

  6. avatar Alex says:

    Hi, just curious if you bought the dresser from Ikea and switched out the handles, I like the look the handles you used over the ones that come on the dresser in the link. Do you have a link to those handles?

  7. avatar Heather says:

    Hello! Love the light fixture, does it give off enough light? Thinking about using it for my nursery as well.

  8. avatar julie says:

    Hi. What paint color did you use? Such a beautiful room.

  9. avatar jordana says:

    do you find the rug hard to vaccum?

  10. avatar Olivia says:

    where does the carpet come from?

  11. avatar Veronica says:

    Where did you get the pulls you changed on the dresser? I love them! Such a beautiful nursery :)

  12. avatar Tori says:

    Where are the baskets from?

  13. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Sonia, The wallpaper is linked in the sources below the images.

  14. avatar Sonia says:

    Hey, where did you get the wallpaper from?

  15. avatar Kaitlin says:

    hi! Beautiful!

    Where did you get the Kid you will move mountains artwork?

  16. avatar Holly says:

    Hi! Could you tell where you got the wallpaper from? Xoxo

  17. avatar Sasha says:

    where is the poster from?

  18. avatar Vera says:

    How long are the shelves above the dresser?

  19. avatar gretchen says:

    Love this! Where did you buy the baby bed?

  20. avatar Isabelle says:

    I noticed you changed the hardware on the dresser from the original. How did you do that when that when the dresser had only one knob/screw and it looks like this hardware has two?

  21. avatar Julie says:

    What paint color did you use?

  22. avatar Brooke says:

    Yes, where are the shelves from?

  23. avatar Edina says:

    Can you please share where the shelf’s are from? Thank you so much!

  24. avatar CiaraChanelSelf says:

    Cactus Hamper is from PB Teen!!

  25. avatar Jennifer says:

    Where was the cactus hamper from?

  26. avatar Kadie Duffy says:

    Where is the cactus hamper from?

  27. avatar Abbie says:

    Where did you get the changing table cover? i love it!

  28. avatar Marta Stet says:

    Where did you get the shelfs above the changing table from?

  29. avatar Kyla says:

    Do you find that the changing table is sturdy and good quality from Ikea?

  30. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Jennie, I think it’s named Spangle. It looks like Rugs USA only has the black one right now, but maybe you’ll find it elsewhere. Good luck!

  31. avatar Jennie says:

    What’s the name of the rug?