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Mila’s Dreamland


A whimsical mixture of modern and classic that is suitable for a girl and easily adapted for any boys in our future.

Design Inspiration

When we bought our house from a children's shoe designer it was already painted with some wonderful colors. We love great color, so we kept the bright aqua in this room (and added the charcoal grey) knowing we could use it for something someday.  Three years later, BAM! Baby Mila. 
When I was first getting ideas for the room I happened to be perusing the $1 section at Target and found those great polka dot boxes, they became the true inspiration for the room. 

Decorating Style

Typically far more modern and minimalist than this room would suggest, but I wanted to do something a little softer for our babe. 

Project Details

Our goal with this room was to not have a single piece of furniture that couldn't be reused for a long time, and moved to other parts of the house. Also, my budget was small (...aaaand I'm cheap), so price dictated choices as much as taste.
With just a little closet of a room available, I knew I would have to find creative ways to maximize space without loosing the whimsy. 

Dresser, $159:

Crib (gifted), $150:

Glider, our splurge $300 on sale:

Ottoman, $45:

Wool rug, $150:

Shelves and Cabinets: came with the house, but I believe are from Ikea.

Silhouette Artwork, $14:

Mustache Artwork, $24:

Other artwork: Frames from Goodwill. Free vintage designs printed on old dictionary paper.

Lamp and shade: Ikea

Blanket: custom made by Seattle artist 

 Changing pad cover (gifted):

Favorite Items

A lot of time went in to finding the perfect artwork for this room at a price we could afford. I love how it came together.
Also the blanket made for us to match the room, gifted by a good friend, is so perfect and so loved.


Have fun! Finding the perfect pieces will take time, (either in searching or in making) but having a space that feels truly yours because of all the invested love makes it all worth it. 
Also, this look could have been achieved more cheaply if I had bought used furniture and painted it black. But due to very specific dimensions needed and the recent change in crib regulations, it was just too complicated. If you are willing to DIY, this could be a VERY inexpensive room! 


Monday 2nd of April 2012

What color blue is that? Love it!

Florence Amber

Saturday 4th of February 2012

I love those framed bicycle arts on the wall! Also that little "M" monogram art! Very artistic nursery.