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Mid Century Modern Race Car Nursery

Links and more room information is in the link above!

I am so excited to share our mid-century modern nursery with you! This was quickly our favorite room in the house and we are using it to inspire us to decorate the rest of the house! The rest of the house is defining another Parker Project in the works currently! The vibe I wanted in the nursery was a mid-century modern feel with a splash of race cars! I think I accomplished this vibe if I do say so myself! I hope you enjoy taking a tour through the room and get all the feels and inspirations!

From the moment we found out Rhys was a boy I knew his nursery would have something to do with cars. My husband Brad is a huge race car fan. Specifically, Formula One Racing. Over the years I have become a fan too! I also knew it would be a mid-century modern nursery as that is the style we have throughout the rest of our house or plan to have as we work through updates!

If I could give any advise it would be to keep it simple and stay true to your original design and ideas. It is hard to stay focused because these days new ideas are always all around us. Make a plan, stick to it, and your dreams will come true! There is nothing worse than an unfinished project!