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Micah’s party


Micah's Surfer Dude 2nd birthday party

Design Inspiration

We just had our daughter in September, so I was on a leave of absence from work.  With Micah's birthday being so close to Christmas, we were on a tight budget this year and I didn't have a lot of time to plan.  We live in San Diego, and Micah LOVES the water!  I thought a surfer theme would be fun, but wanted to be careful not to cross-over into it looking like a luau or a Hawaiian themed party.  Unfortunately, it rained so we were stuck inside! 

Decorating Style

Modern with a touch of vintage

Project Details

I love doing a few items from Oriental Trading.  I think you can go overboard there, but if you limit to just a few items, especially for the goodie bags, it is a great resource.  I am a bit of a cupcake fanatic, so I wanted to do something fun with this theme.  I found the adorable sugar surfboards online, and the rest was super easy.

The streamers on the ceiling was time consuming, but I loved the way it turned out.  I wanted it to look like waves, but also form a "curtain" to block our huge Christmas tree in the living room.  Plus, it turned out being tons of fun for the kids to run through the streamers! 

Favorite Items

My 2 favorite items were the "surf wax" (rice krispie treats) and the surf trunks banner.  They were both really easy and added a fun touch! 

I also really loved the styrofoam surfboards that we hung around the house.  Micah loved playing with them after the party was over!


All in all, this party was under $200.  For more tips and pictures, check out the full party on my blog:


Thursday 6th of January 2011

Ooooh, a surfer dude party! I think this one's the first of its kind I've seen. I am just wondering though if most 2 year-olds could relate to surfing. After all, it's a sport they couldn't do just yet.


Wednesday 5th of January 2011

The surfer shorts streamers are so cute!!! At first glance I thought they were the real thing. I find the idea so original.