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Metallic Wood Wall Nursery


I designed this metallic wood wall nursery for a sweet friend's third baby, and first BOY!

Design Inspiration

The mom wanted to stick with grays and white, with navy as an accent. She loved our Mod Lattice Gray crib set, and knew she wanted to incorporate painted furniture to bring in color & design.

Decorating Style

Caden Lane is known for color, so we toned it down a bit for this nursery. I love how there's several shades of gray, and the navy furniture accents and curtains add the perfect amount of color.

Project Details

I love everything about this nursery! It incorporates several of the hottest trends in nursery design, while still keeping it's originality and style.

Silver Lamp and Side Table: from a local store in Texas called The Home Accessory Store


Favorite Items

Well, of course I LOVE the crib bedding and how it ties everything together. But let's be real here.... there's a metallic wood wall in the nursery. Does it GET any better?!?


Don't be afraid of color! This nursery started off with just gray and white, and I think the pops of Navy we added perfectly compliments the design and style of the room. It would be extremely monotone without it!

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  1. avatar Misty says:

    Where is the dresser from?

  2. avatar Ashley says:

    Where is the crib and dresser from? Love it!

  3. avatar Heidi Daniel says:

    Where did you find that tent?? Gorgeous room!

  4. avatar Heather says:

    Where did you get the arrow wall art above the dresser?

  5. avatar Michelle says:

    Where can I buy the metal letters?

  6. avatar Judy says:

    I also love the dresser and would like to know where it’s from.

  7. avatar Heather says:

    Love the dresser-where is it from?

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  9. avatar Ashley says:

    Where can the dresser used as a changing table be found?

  10. avatar justine says:

    It looks like the wood is stained rather then painted. What Metallic stain did you use for the wood wall?

  11. avatar Lindsey S says:

    I’m sorry – just saw my answer in an above post! Thanks!

  12. avatar Lindsey S says:

    What paint color/brand was used on the walls of the nursery (not the wood wall, but the other 3 walls)?

  13. avatar Beth says:

    Sorry, Jennifer. I wish I had the names of the paint colors to give you, but since Caden Lane commissioned an artist for the project, we don’t have the exact paint colors.

  14. avatar Jennifer says:

    The link to the etsy metallic wood wall kit is no longer available. Is there somewhere else to find the colors used on the wood wall?

  15. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Ashlie, It says above that it’s from Caden Lane’s shop Nursery Couture, which is in Texas.

  16. avatar Ashlie says:

    I am DYING to know where you found that teepee!! Please share!

  17. avatar Jace's Dad says:

    Hi thanks for sharing this room. It’s really amazing. My wife is obsessed and wants me to recreate it, and I would love to. I wanted to ask, can you tell me the dimensions of the pallet wall? I understand the length varies, but what is height and depth?

  18. avatar Dawn says:

    How did you stick the fencing to the wall? Is the room carpeted? Love love this room and this is now what we are doing for our baby boys room.

  19. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Shannon, Katy used Passive SW 7064 by Sherwin Williams on the walls.

  20. avatar Shannon says:

    What is the name and brand of the paint color you used on the other 3 (non wood) walls?
    Thank you

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  23. avatar Lauren says:

    Can you tell us what rug from overstock this is?

  24. avatar Tanya says:

    Love this look! I’d really like to know the paint colors for the metallic wall as I’d like to try my hand at this myself. Doesn’t seem they want to share the colors. Will have to figure it out on my own.

  25. avatar Laura says:

    Does anyone know where the light fixture came from?

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  27. avatar Katy says:

    Hi everyone!!! We are so glad you love the room! The fabulous artist that installed the metallic wood wall is now offering a pre-painted KIT so you can have the exact same wall in your nursery.

    Here’s a link to purchase the kit:

  28. avatar Jennifer says:

    Does anyone plan on answering any of these questions?

  29. avatar Leta says:

    loving everything about this nursery! I am also wondering what brand of paint was used!

  30. avatar Laura says:

    Where is the arrow sign on the wall from? I can not find it online.

  31. avatar Laurel Pate says:

    I would love to know the wall color and also the stain/paint that was used for the wood wall…Could you let me know? My daughter is wanting to use this/similar in her sons nursery. It is SO SO beautiful!

  32. avatar Sydnie says:

    i would also like to know how to get the effect of the wood panel wall

  33. avatar Kristina says:

    I too would LOVE to know what paint colors were used on the wood wall. I can’t wait to re-create this in my son’s rooms!

  34. avatar Jenny B. says:

    I can’t tell you how STUNNING this room is!!! I am in complete awe at how perfectly decorated and styled it is!!!! I will be using this as my inspiration to do my sons room! It’s just so beautiful!!!! I do wanna see if you can share the colors you used for the wood wall? FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC JOB! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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  36. avatar Katie says:

    Can you please tell us what type of paint or stain you used for these boards. Interested in doing a pallet wall in our nurse and would like to use the similar colors. Thanks.

  37. avatar Ashley says:

    I love this! I would also like to know what colors, including brand were used for this wall. Love love love!

  38. avatar Megan says:

    I would also like to know what colors you used for the wall and what brand? Is it paint or tinted stain?

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  41. avatar Nikki says:

    what type/color of paint did you use to paint the wood pieces?

  42. avatar Katie says:

    I have a Cash Wyatt. I have to know what this one’s middle name is!

  43. avatar katie says:

    How is the wood attached? Screwed into the studs?

  44. avatar Beth_PN says:

    The wall was actually created using fencing (, which was painted.

  45. avatar Amy says:

    Where did you get the metallic wood pieces for the wall? I love the entire nursery, so very classy, classic yet modern! But how does one duplicate the wall?

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