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Merry Grinchmas Jace Turns #1!


Jace is Turning #1 and what better way to celebrate than a WHOBILATION!! Merry Grinchmas was our theme for a classic Christmas Feel!!

Design Inspiration

"The Grinch"

Decorating Style

Crafty, DIY is always best!!

Project Details

Details are in the Eyelash Yarn placed on each Ornament to give a furry feel! Boa Feathers were placed in the Mason Jar center pieces to  give some elements of a Fuzzy Grinch! The Grinch Poems throughout the tables added some details to get you in the spirit! Red Jingle Bells and Candy Canes were also placed on each table.

Favorite Items

The Cake was WHOriffic!! The Cake was from NORA's Cakes located in Corona, ca. It was the perfect size for guests and for our Birthday Boy to Play with!

Grinch Ornaments were Thank You Treats for all The WHO's that came!!


Plan ahead. If you want to DIY with crafts and printables you will need plenty of time to gather all your supplies. Enjoy spending the time with your littles too! let them take on a few tasks, if old enough of course!