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Melody’s Musical Nursery


A musically inspired pink damask nursery for Melody decorated by her mom and her namesake and grandma, Ody (short for Melody).

Design Inspiration

My first inspiration was Chloe's Nursery on Project Nursery.  I loved the pink damask of Chloe's Nursery.  So I wanted a pink room for my little girl but I rent so I knew I couldn't paint the walls so I needed to incorporate the existing tan walls.  I also knew I wanted a musically inspired theme since her name is Melody.  Since music notes are generally black, I now had a plan: Pink damask with black music notes and a tan backdrop.  I talked with my mother about it and off we went to shop!

Decorating Style

I like modern takes on classics.

Project Details

The room is a mix of hand-made items and purchases.  Purchases included:

Crib, dresser, and hutch are Capri by Munire (Thank you, Grams and Gramps!)

Glider Recliner is a Buckingham by Little Castle

Music notes, coat rack, and lamp from Hobby Lobby (Thank you, Ody and Papa!)

Wooden treble clef from Duane and Susan's Workshop on Etsy (Thank you, Ody and Papa!)

White ruffle curtains from Pottery Barn Kids (Thank you, Ody and Papa!)

Hand-made items include:

Bed skirt, sheet, and pink curtains (My mother and I found the fabrics, then asked workers at the fabric store if they new anyone who did sewing projects.  We were introduced to a lovely lady who listened to all our wants and produced this custom made bedskirt, two sheets, and the curtains for a reasonable price.)

Crib rain protector (My mother took some of our fabric and we basically made a thin pillow that ties around the rail.  Hopefully, this will prevent little Melody teeth marks on the crib when she begins teething--we plan to convert it to a full size bed when she is old enough.)

Hanging balls (My mother found lots of ideas on pintrest for decorating styrofoam balls and got to work.  They are made from felt circles, cupcake liners, pearl beads, crepe paper, and paper cut-outs.  We hung them with ribbon and hung crystals to give the whole thing some sparkle.  Melody loves to watch the balls when we rock in the chair!)

Vinyl music sticker from Etsy (Not really home-made but I think it makes the hutch look so much more interesting.  Melody talks to the music notes when she is getting her diaper changed so I think she likes it too!)

Cross-stitch of Melody's name (see favorite items for details)

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the framed cross-stitch of Melody's name.  Her Ody (grandma and the first Melody) designed, stitched, and framed it.  I know this is a piece that will remain in Melody's room as she grows.


Ask for help.  Work as a team.  I am so thankful to my mother for all her help.  This nursery would not look like this if not for her influence and I couldn't be happier with it.  It was so wonderful to look forward to the birth of my daughter through this project with my mother.

Jesycka Fulton

Monday 8th of April 2013

Love the music theme. It is an absolutely perfect fit for her name. And, hey, that dresser and changing table is gorgeous.