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Melody’s Garden Inspired 1st Birthday Party


Flower fabric inspired do-it-yourself birthday party

Design Inspiration

We wanted a backyard casual party for Melody's first.  I knew I needed a theme though.  I was inspired when I saw a blog post on Josephine Kimberlings new Glam Garden fabric.  I wanted something fun and bright, just like Melody's personality, then I just went with it.

Decorating Style

I really wanted to incorporate fabrics into the decorations.  I started Punkin Threads this year, and have been busy making dresses for others, and knew I wanted to make Meldoy's dress, and as much as I could for her party.


Project Details

I found the fabric on my favorite online fabric store, Hawthorne Threads, and the first thing I made was Melody's dress.  I love the way it looked on her!  I incorporated eight (I think) different fabrics for the Happy Birthday Melody banner and party hats.  I even made a penant banner for the highchair.

I made the M (also made ELODY, but they wouldn't fit:-) on top of the cupcakes, and topped the others with butterflies I found at Michaels.  The middle plate was wrapped in fabric using Modge Podge, tissue paper for the other plates, and planters and bowls were used to seperate them, forming a cupcake stand.  My friend made Melody the most beautiful 'smash' cake, topped with edible butterflies!

I saw the mini-cupcake flower topiary in a magazine, and just had to give it try.  Just used a foam ball, stick from the yard and a flower pot that I already had.

In the smaller vase are strawberry marshmellow's on a stick with pastel colored candy corn, made to look like flowers.  They were kind of random, but the kids loved them!

For favors, I found this idea from a Prudent Baby post.  The kids put together their own flower pots (with a little help).   It was really cute seeing them get so excited about it.

And finally the pom pom vines, which before I found the fabric, was what I was basing the 'flower' theme on.  I saw them on a Spearmint Baby blog post, and knew I had to make them!

Favorite Items

I really wanted make a lot of things for the party because I enjoy it, and I wanted it to be special for Melody.  It's not easy seeing your baby girl turn 1 so quickly, but it was fun creating a party with her sweet little whimsical light hearted loving personality, in mind:-)

Punkin Threads

Saturday 31st of July 2010

Sure go for it!  Send me the link!


Friday 30th of July 2010

I am in love with this party! The fabric is fabulous. I would love to feature it on my blog??

Punkin Threads

Wednesday 21st of July 2010

Just take a cheapo paty hat, and lay it out.  Cut fabric the same shape, leaving about a half inch at the bottom.  Modge Podge, wrap around hat, and your done!  It was very easy!


Tuesday 20th of July 2010

How did you make the birthday hats?

Punkin Threads

Tuesday 1st of June 2010

Thank You!  Matching things was pretty easy, since there were so many colors!  So that was a plus :-)