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Maxwell’s Reading, Fun and Games Nursery!


Max's room ws a challenge because I usually like to paint murals, but since I rent my home I was not allowed to paint the walls. So, I had to be creative with the space to make up for the dull color. With the Help of Etsy, Rejuvenated Furniture and Finds and a DIY art piece, this is what I came up with!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was to try not to do anything i've seen before. I really didn't have a theme in mind but it turned out to be Reading, Fun, and Games!

Decorating Style

My Style is Eclectic with interest in Contemporary as well as Vintage.

Project Details

My project started when i found this amazing furniture store, it's a local business called  The furnite is vintage and these particular pieces were unfinished when i saw them in the store. I chose the paint colors and they finished both pieces for me to my liking.  Also the school desk was purchased there. The tree wall decal was from OrqueShaw's Walldecors at , So nicely made and easy to hang! And last but not least the scrabble art was made by myself. I purchased 6in x 6in art boards from and painted the letters with acryllic paint. Also, the knobs on the dresser are from

Favorite Items

Well, i love the Scrabble piece because i made it with Love for Max but i truely love the furniture. The dresser is solid wood and from the 1940's and it's made so well it took 4 men to lift! and the book case/ dresser is an old piece of school furniture and I just think it's so original and interesting!


Just start with something you love and build it from there. You don't always have to have a matchy matchy theme.


Sunday 24th of June 2012


how did you paint the letters?


Friday 13th of January 2012

Don't worry about it, I actually think that I am going to get them made as vinyl wall art. They will be going over the crib and my husband is worried they will fall down on the baby so we will see what I can figure out ;0) I do have one more big are your letters? 4"? Thanks again!


Thursday 12th of January 2012

i just know they ar considered "art boards", not canvases. but htey are in the section with canvases and i believe they were blick brand. i purchased them online b/c i needed so many and they give bulk discount. when i get a chance i'll see if i can find the link. Sorry i'm just seeing your post now. and thanks! :)


Thursday 5th of January 2012

I love your nursery as well! I would really love to use your scrabble idea, I have been to blick studio under canvases and can't find the 6x6? Is it a wood board or canvas? Would you happen to know the exact link to the item? Any help is appreciated! BTW, you should be very proud of your nursery, very creative and beautiful! Thanks


Wednesday 28th of December 2011

thanks so much! art boards were purchased at blick studio they are in the section with the canvases. i painted the letters after stenciling the font that i chose i actually used stencils that i bought at beckers teacher store then i just hand painted them. you will have to measure or eyeball to make sure letter is centered before you stencil! i also had to purchase hardware for the backs of the boards so i could hang them. that was the tricky part!