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Mavrick’s Vintage Newspaper Boy Birthday


As a designer, I wanted my son's first birthday to be a memorable one. Being on a budget, I took out my crafting & designer skills and DIYed everything from the decorations, to the food and desserts. 

Design Inspiration

Ever since he’s been a baby, I always said Mavrick looks like one of those vintage babies… so the idea to have a vintage newspaper boy themed birthday party seemed to be the perfect match.

I asked my father to hand over months of newspapers (once he was done reading them, of course) and I used them throughout the event. I designed a vintage style newspaper invitation that I sent to family and friends just to give them a feel of what was to come. (ha, the surprise that was awaiting them)

Project Details

For the decorations I purchased Accordian Blue Paper Lanterns, crepe paper streamers and I DIY newspaper streamers to create the backdrop for the table. I also found on etsy some newsprint fabric that I used as table runners. I had some left over white 17″ balloons that I hung from our maple tree and purchased 36″ balloons and tied them around our pool. I used newsprint to DIY a “Mavrick” Banner I tied in the front of the table.

To go with the color theme of gray,white, black and blue, I opted to make a blue punch (which was really good, refreshing and easy to make (see bottom of post for recipe) I reused some baby food containers to serve as glasses. I purchased some striped paper straws from Rock Paper Scissors (for a really good price) and wrapped the glasses with some newsprint fabric

Seeing the theme was vintage related, I wanted the menu to reflect food from that time as well. I mean why not go all that way? So I decided to make  mini burgers, mini hot dogs, fries with vintage containers, mac & cheese, grill cheese and smoke meat. All homemade. I decided to put the crudités in vases to make it more interesting, and I made salad on a stick (tomato, cucumber, cheese and fresh basil) As for the desserts I made, I also wanted to make some sweets they had back in the days so mini chocolate chip cookies, rice krispies squares, chocolate dipped marshmallows were a must and I made cake balls,  cupcakes, cake and mini fruit skewers. I even had bazooka gum, blue rock candy swizzle sticks and homemade popsicles. 

For the cake, I decided to make it two-toned to mimic the colors of the newspaper. You don’t see it that clearly but there were a beige and two grayish layers. I decided to make dots all over the cake just for the fun of it. I DIYed a streamer cake topper with ribbon and fabric to really tie in the background decor and the cake.

What would be a birthday boy without a birthday hat? I DIYed a newspaper hat with a big fat “1″ on it. He didn’t really love wearing it, but the cake distracted him so we were able to capture a few shots. Seeing I wanted Mavrick to really indulge in his birthday cake, I made a mini vanilla cake him with a little less sugar. Let me tell you he loved it, and of course there was cake all over the place. The party was a huge success and everyone enjoyed the food and all the little details of the event. I want to say a huge thank you to my family and friends (you know who you are) for helping me out to make Mavi’s birthday a success. A shout out to my talented photographer Christina for capturing all these great memories. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to next year :]

Favorite Items


  • 17″ & 36″ Balloons:  17″ = 14$ for 72,  36″ = 10$ for 6 // Bargain Balloons
  • Newspaper Print Fabric :  12$ / yard // Etsy Seller Cottonholic
  • Drink Dispenser : 19$ //  Costco
  • Paper Straws : $5 for 144 // Rock Paper Scissors, Wiscasset, Maine 207-882-9930
  • Blue Paper Lanterns : $8.99 // Martha Stewart Celebrate
  • Cupcake Stand (DIYed with newpaper trim): $10 // Martha Stewart
  • Coloured Streamers : $4 // Local Dollar Store
  • Bazooka Gum & Sugar Swivel Sticks  // Bulk Barn 
  • Vintage Milk Bottles // Already Owned (purchased at thrift shops)
  • Two Sided Standing Frame : $0.99 // Ikea
  • Blue Milk Basket // Already Owned (purchased at Home Sense)
  • Vintage Straw Dispenser // Already Owned (purchased on Amazon)
  • Paper containers & checkered wax paper  // Gift (purchased at Abc Emballuxe)

Images courtesy of : Christina Esteban Photography

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  1. avatar Angel says:

    Hi i’m doing the same thing for my baby boy for his 1st birthday/baptism (different colors) and i just love your invitation and was wondering if you can help me. How did you do the invitations or where did you go to get them? If you can please let me know that will be awesome. Thank you =)

  2. avatar Sara says:

    I love this theme and would love to use it for my sons first birthday. In the post you said the recipe for the blue drink is at the bottom of the article but I don’t see it. Would you be able to post it again? Thank you!

  3. avatar Alaina says:

    This is amazing! I have been looking for something different like this to do…you gave me some good ideas with everything that you used. Your son is beautiful!

  4. avatar Nicole Andrus says:

    I am totally using this as inspiration for my son’s 1st birthday. One thing I would really like to “copy” is the look of the invitation. Can you share what font you used for the Chronicles title? :) Thank you!

  5. avatar blushink says:

    oops, here is the link :

  6. avatar blushink says:

    I designed them! You can order them from my shop!

  7. avatar Amy Garvalia says:

    Where did you get the invitations? I love this theme!

  8. avatar Eva says:

    My husband and I are loving this theme. We are planning our son’s 1st bday in march. What did you do as far as thank you gift favors for the kids? Thank you!

  9. avatar Kaleihiwa says:

    Really adorable! Love it.
    Where did you get the white number 1 that stands up on the table?

  10. Alma,

    Thank you so much Alma!

  11. avatar Alma says:

    OMg…! thats the theme i wanted for my boy last year. Aside from the invitations I didnt have anything…and just did’nt know how to execute it. Very Well Done…..!

  12. Tasha Cune,

    THANK YOU! I completely agree with you Tasha, but at 1 no matter what theme you opt for your toddlers won’t remember. ;) I just wanted to stay away from the classic boy themes.

  13. avatar India says:

    Amazing! Thanks so much for including all that information. It’s so helpful. What a fantastic birthday party for Mavrick – so cute!

  14. avatar Tasha Cune says:

    I really really love the vintage newspaper theme. I think you’re the first. Or at least I haven’t seen any other party with this theme before. So I think it’s really unique. But I have a feeling adults appreciate this theme more than the toddlers.

  15. avatar Nancy says:

    Wow this is amazing! I LOVE the shade of blue you used. Great job!