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Mavrick’s Modern Nursery


Pinwheel Modern Gender Neutral Nursery ==================================== With custom bedding to DIY frames, Pinwheels and PomPom clusters, this blue, yellow, green and gray modern nursery is perfect for this little boy.

Design Inspiration

Inspiration :
It all started off with the already painted wall. Purple-ish gray hue with white wainscoting. We had painted this room when we moved in our house taking into account this would “one day” be the room of baby. I wanted something that was neutral so we could either go boy or girl with pops of color. I love gray so it was only appropriate to incorporate that in major elements in the room.

I chose tone on tone gray houndstooth fabric for the modern glider that would fit perfectly in the corner of the room. A gray shag rug which would be placed under the dark wood crib would accent the gray in the glider. I was getting custom bedding made and because it would be handmade, I wanted to choose colors that were gender neutral so that I can use this amazing bedding for baby #2 if we happen to have one. I wanted modern prints; stripes and dots in bright colors ; blues, yellows and green.

Theme? Well you can say that I went pinwheel crazy. I guess that’s the theme. Modern Bright Pinwheel gender neutral nursery. Phew… that is a long title, but seems to be right on the dot. I loved pinwheels as a child and realized it was something that wasn’t being used much in nurseries (well anyway I hadn’t seen any) … so I went all out. Making this colorful paper toys was a great inexpensive DIY project and I scattered them all around the room. I made a wall of custom art (all designed by me) framed in white frames (so that they would pop on the gray wall) and added a couple of pinwheels to the layout.

I also added some pinwheels in the pom clusters I also DIY-ed. I didn’t want to have a mobile in the room so I figured having a cluster would be a more modern way to go about it. I included 2 white paper lanterns I took home from my baby shower as well as green and blue paper lanterns I found at the party store. They fit perfectly with the greens and blues in the bedding. Lastly, I wanted to incorporate typography somehow, so I got custom letters made out of bamboo and hung them from the cluster.

I am really happy with the outcome of the room, I just hope baby boy will too.

Decorating Style

Being a graphic designer, I am a fan of modern, clean and colorful design. A typography lover, it was only normal to include elements of type in the nursery design.

Project Details

Cluster Garland : 
DIY Pinwheels : approx 10.00$
DIY Pom Clusters :  3.00$
Color Paper Lanterns :  Party Expert – 15$ / 2
White Paper Lanterns : Already owned
Custom Bamboo cut-out letters :  LuxeCuts™ – gift (12.50$ per letter = 50$ value)

Furniture : 
Crib, 4-drawer cabinet, changing table : Toys r’ Us – gift  ( 400$ value)
Upholstered Glider : Dutalier – gift (1000$ value)
Custom Quilt Bedding with assorted pillows : Bijou Lovely Designs – gift (460$ value)

5 x 7 white frames : Ikea – 2.99$ /2 each ( 6$ total )
DIY Art Prints : 12.50$ 
Large White Frame : Ikea – 9.99$
Lamp with shade : Bouclair Maison - 24.99$
White flower pot & Plant : Ikea – 2.49$ + 2.99$
Yellow Tin Vase : Homesense – 6.99$
Grey garbage : Homesense – 9.99$
Curtain & Blind : Bouclair –  49.99$
Gray Shag Rug : Bouclair Maison – 89.99$
White Desk Clock : Already owned

Storage :
Baby Blue shelves : Ikea – 5.99$ / each
White Brackets  : Ikea – 1.99$ / each ( 8$ total)
Green Storage Boxes : Ikea – 9.99$ / 3  (20$ total)
White Photo Storage Boxes : Ikea – 3.99$ / 2
Wicker Basket : gift (value unknown)

Favorite Items

#1 would have to be my glider. It's simply wonderful, and beyond comfortable. I am beyond happy with how it came out (I purchased my own fabric and got the chair upholstered) I think this glider will be a timeless piece that will move from one room to another. 

#2 I love the wall of art. I think it came out better than I had expected. I DIYed all the pinwheels and actual artwork. Simply printed it and framed them. It was a great inexpensive way to add my design touch to the room.

#3 Custom bedding & pillows. I love that I designed the layout of the quilt, chose the fabric and got something custom made... just for me baby. It looks better than I had imagined. 


If you decide to make pinwheels, I suggest using scrapbooking papers and cut to the size you want. Be sure to use papers that aren't too thick otherwise you will have issues when bringing the edges to the center.

Don't be afraid of color. And might I suggest printing your own patterns to fit elements in your room. Say a fabric or wallpaper element of some sort. 

Cleaning the Pom Cluster

First of all, i didn't install them directly over the nursery. So that way I am certain if there is dust it wont fall directly over baby. Also, I was told to pass the swifer duster over it (i would move the crib) then vaccuum. You don't need to do this often. Ever 2-3 months or so.

Kelly | Blushink

Tuesday 7th of September 2010

The paint color is  : Smoked Oyseter from Behr.

For the white lanterns, they where purchased from a local party store. Unfortunately I am in Canada and they don't have online shopping. But I know I had seen them in other colors online. 


Monday 30th of August 2010

I love the pinwheel theme! This is a bright and clean look. Iv'e been looking for the white lanterns and cannot seem to find them, would anyone know?


Friday 20th of August 2010

Really like this room. The base color is great and goes well with the subtle blues, yellows and greens. This room just feels finished to me; it's neither bare nor cluttered, as many nurseries are. The pinwheels are great.


Thursday 19th of August 2010

I would agree that the pompom and the pinwheels adds just the right touch of whimsy to the room.  Great work adding that in!  I like how you also soften the effects of the wooden floor, but I think you could have covered it more.  But still it looks pretty!

Kelly | Blushink

Monday 16th of August 2010

Hi BriskRain, since I just installed them, I can't tell you just yet, but for one, i didn't install them directly over the nursery. I was told to pass the swifer duster over it (i would move the crib) then vaccuum. You don't need to do this often. Ever 2-3 months or so.

Hope this helps.