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Maverick’s Nursery


When my husband & I learned we were having a son, I knew I wanted to think outside the box of the ordinary pastel blue baby boy nursery. I wanted to put just as much effort into creating a special & memorable nursery for a son just as I would have a daughter. I had the mindset a boy's nursery could be just as fun and vibrant as a baby girl's nursery so with 20 weeks of morning sickness, I had much time to search for the perfect bedding on the internet. With the colors of lime green and turquoise already in mind- when I found the bedding at, the nursery project took off from there. 

Design Inspiration

With the expectancy of our first child, I knew I wanted to incorporate a piece of Mommy & a piece of Daddy into our son's nursery. What better way than to marry the two together with guitars (Daddy is a worship leader & musician) and bright colors (Mommy's hobby is decorating & has a love for unique and vibrant decor). 

Decorating Style

Bright, unique, extraordinary, meaningful, contemporary. 

Project Details

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Munire Furniture bedding

Accessories from Target, Pier One & Hobby Lobby

Favorite Items



We spent the bulk of our money on the furniture as it will grow with our son and he will be able to use each and every piece until grown. Don't be afraid to think outside the box with colors. Make a baby boy nursery just as special and fun as you would a baby girl. Take your time and decide what story you want the nursery to tell. We knew we wanted his room to be as special as his name. MAVERICK- an independent man who avoids conformity. 

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  1. avatar Jamie says:

    Could you please tell me the color of grey used?

  2. avatar Linda says:

    Jasmine C.,

    I love the monogram too……..did you make it or was it purchased? If purchased …where?

  3. avatar Jasmine C. says:

    While I am still undecided about the colors, I really love the monogram above the bed. Nicely made monograms make anything look so chic and sophisticated.

  4. avatar Lee says:

    You did a awesome job on this nursery. Love the colors, what are the names?

  5. avatar Corin says:

    Where did you get the bookshelf?

  6. avatar Briana says:

    I love the color scheme and the way you painted the walls! Beautiful.