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Mattie’s Gingerbread and Gingham Nursery


We wanted a bright, fun space that wasn't overly girly and that would grow with her into the toddler years.

Design Inspiration

This room began with the 'Gingerbread' range from Mamas and Papas. We chose some items from this range before we knew if we were having a boy or girl as it was bright and gender neutral. The main aim with decorating was to soften the hard lines of our modern home and create a fun, cosy space for sleeping and playing.

Decorating Style

This room was a chance to really have some fun and is quite a departure from the crisp white walls and clean lines of the main parts of our home.

Project Details

The wallpaper border has a somewhat retro feel so we decided to go with a bold red and white gingham wallpaper. Adding the moulding halfway up the wall added a bit of interest and definition. The light blue walls keep the room really bright.

Because there was so much colour on the walls, we kept the furniture all white. This also allowed us to mix and match a couple of more expensive pieces (the sleigh cot and change table from Mamas and Papas) with ikea basics (bookcase and chest of drawers). We bought the rocking chair off Ebay and painted it white to match.  The curtains, mosquito net, lamps, and decals on the mirror are also ikea.

The great thing about the room is that pretty much any bright colour works well in it, and means that all the brightly coloured plastics of kids toys work with the room rather than detracting from it.

Favorite Items

My favourite item is probably the quilt that I made. It was my first attempt at sewing anything at all, and I think it turned out pretty well.

I also love the set of pig money boxes which are from my partner's childhood.


Don't be afraid of using bright colours. You can have so much more fun with a nursery than with most other rooms in your house. Plus, the bright colous are more forgiving once you start using the room than lots of pale, delicate items will be. I still smile and feel more playful when I walk into the room, and our little girl just loves looking at the wallpaper border while she is being changed.

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  1. avatar preschooldoll says:

    The umbrella is my favorite too! I also like the red gingham accents (but my son’s room is done in red gingham too ;) I noticed the IKEA treasures right away-you even got all the toys! Nice job. It is definitely a children’s room-just as it should be. Oh, and the gingerbread is genious. I was just looking at a gingerbread boy the other day and thinking it was such a shame we only saw the adorable little guys during Christmas!

  2. avatar BuenaMano says:

    Hi 2Mums: WOW… am hoping that they have an online store for that one :(  Great find, really!

  3. avatar 2mums says:

    @BuenaMano – I love the umbrella lamp too. We actually saw it while renovating the rest of our house a couple of years ago and bought it before I was even pregnant! It came from Beacon Lighting but I’m based in Australia so not sure how much help that is…

  4. avatar cottonlily says:

    Normally I don’t care for “busy” rooms but I LOVE this one!  It’s just so bright, cheery and fun what’s not to love?!  All the colors seem to be in balance with one another.  I think my fav thing is the adorable light pendant.  So cute!

  5. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    @2mums: Thanks. Ikea does seem to be a treasure trove of interior decorating stuff and ideas. And the best thing is the price.

  6. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    Hi 2mums! Your little one surely loves the wallpaper border. It looks interesting even for grown ups like me, so how much more for her. You did a really great job.

  7. avatar BuenaMano says:

    I adore that umbrella lamp you have there. Where’d you get it? I definitely love the accents of this room, it’s so fun to look at!

  8. avatar 2mums says:

    The net canopy over the cot is from ikea.

  9. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    I agree with you in using bright colors.  I think that it makes the room more alive and more fun which is how nurseries should be.  But I have to salute you for using white furniture to offset the wacky colors of this room.  Where’d you get that canopy?

  10. avatar 2mums says:

    Thanks! We very much wanted it to be a ‘kids’ room, not a sophisticated adult space, but still with a sense of style and cohesion. Our little girl is just starting to take an interest in things and can’t take her eyes off the wallpaper border when she is lying on the change table, so we think she likes it!

  11. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    Congratulations on this room!!! I so love how festive it is and the details are very childish and fun!  I’m sure Mattea loves this room as much as we all do!