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Mati’s Room


this is my business partner's baby boy nursery... we tried to create a very neutral but at the same time very comfortable environment for the baby and the mommy... ohh and we also used our very cool and modern stickers (yess we make them!!)

Design Inspiration

little bears, neutral colors

Decorating Style

modern, chic, 

Project Details

recycled curtains, recycle crib. Personalized crib bedding set and changing table. Personalized sticker at, 

Favorite Items

the sticker 


we actually recycled the crib so you can do the same. Change the color from a clear wood to a more oldish look by painting it with an antique white base and some dark brown on top, following the wood grain....


Tuesday 15th of February 2011

thank you!! everything is self adhesive vinyl, decals.... and the message behind the bear says "the journey begins with a small step" cute right?? haha


Tuesday 15th of February 2011

The colors you used for the wall stripes are just lovely.  Please do share what these are.  I love this room, so simple and all, but still very beautiful.  What does the message beside the bear say?


Thursday 10th of February 2011

thanks for your comment!! yes those are decals and we make them :)  we wanted to give the nursery a more personal style and wrote things that the baby could relate to, so you can see there mom, dad, matias, even his sister's name Agus, and their dog's name tyra! :)

And yess ur spanish is right!! :)

You can see more of our non-nursery proyects in


Thursday 10th of February 2011

The lettering you have there is simply awesome, is that a decal, sticker or something???  I think that it is quite unique to have the repeating names... if my Spanish serves me right it's father, mother, matias, grandma and grandpa, right?  That's just too cute and cool!