Mason’s Modern Safari

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We painted this large room a darker color to make it feel smaller and then used bright teal accents to add some excitement. A different approach to a common safari theme.

Design Inspiration

I can't get away from teal. It is just such a pretty color. The moment I found out we were having a boy I had to find a way to incorporate it into his nursery.

Decorating Style

Minimalist meets soft modern.

Project Details

The trees on the wall are vinyl removable decals from Etsy- perfect for a growing, changing child. The curtains were DIY from a dwell studio fabric I found. The bedding is from Etsy. The mobile was a DIY experiment. The ABC art was DIY with the unfinished wood frames & chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby and fabric hot glued on.

Favorite Items

I absolutely love how the bedding turned out. Great mix of colors in my opinion.


We just threw together a bunch of different ideas that we liked, tackled each one at a time and love the end result. A subtle neutral color with bright accents really helped anchor this large room.


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    Really nice!  I love the giraffe (is that removable also?) as well as the trees.  I think that this is more of a forest at night theme than a pseudo safari theme :)  I think that the teal you have here really makes this nursery look and feel special.  Great work!

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    For the Etsy purchases we made, the giraffe is from GoatGrinStudio, the bedding is custom made by RockyTopDesign, and the tree/birds are from NouWall. Oh, and yes the giraffe is also removable. I agree it isn’t quite “safari” themed, but I was trying not to take it so literally. Hope that helps.

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